Erwin Sattler Custodia: Sideboard with secret treasury for watch collectors

Andrea Divirgilio / April 13, 2009

custodia 1
What could be better than a luxurious, elegant watch winder to protect your collection of expensive automatic watches? The Custodia from the house of Erwin Sattler is one spectacular piece of furniture, which is designed especially for watch collectors looking to protect their investments in style. The Custodia is a sideboard with secret treasury and it’s made from the finest selection of wood that creates the ambience for extraordinary collectibles. The 13-layer black varnish is applied on wood, which perfectly complements the hand-polished walnut elements. The drawers are decked out with Alcantara inside. The two wood framed trays on the top of the desk can be elevated by a gentle push on the remote control, which makes the watch winders become visible like hidden treasures. The “Rotalis” precision watch winders are enclosed by anti-reflection mineral glass. Another push on the remote control makes the 16 LED lamps illuminate the 24 gold-plated gears and the valuable watches. The gears used are milled out from hardened brass and gold plated afterwards. The polished drum, the gears and the front pulleys are equipped with 80 ball bearings in total, thereby eliminating friction and minimizing noise.

Every watch has a separate motor, so individual selection of turns per day and winding direction is possible. Watch collectors can select from a data base the ideal winding rates and transmit them via a USB cable to the watch winder. After winding, the watches are positioned in their starting position with the 12 o’clock on the top. The inside of the Custodia features four precision watch winders type “Rotalis 2” for a total of eight automatic watches. Behind the two front doors are two drawers with 42 compartments for hand winding watches, two normal locking drawers, two lateral shelves with locking doors and four open shelves.

The stylish Erwin Sattler Custodia is priced at €59,000 ($77,865) and the model with additional 24 watch winders behind the doors will set you back a whopping €89,000 ($117,330).

Via: Erwin Sattler

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