Espresso grinder goes bespoke with the HG-One

Andrea Divirgilio / May 1, 2013

Having a perfect cup of coffee has been quiet the style statement in recent times. From the likes of Alpha Dominche Steampunk brewer, and the Espresso Veloce Coffee machine, the connoisseur is now being spoilt for choice to come up with the customized cup of the beverage. Now HG-One is offering the bespoken espresso grinder, with a $900 price tag, which uses the good old coffee crushing methods in a contemporary looking machine, so that coffee can now be enjoyed in it’s classical charm. Though some might consider it to be old fashioned considering the method, but the aesthetics of the ultra-smooth sleek grinder adds a lot to the aesthetics of the space where it is kept.

HG One coffee grinder uses the traditional methods of creating a perfect brew

The crushers in the HG-One espresso grinder are conical burrs which one would perhaps find more often in the vintage machines. Most of the times, these burrs have a very smoothening effect on the mixture of the brew, but it always stands a chance of being a bit uneven. Perhaps it then makes the appliance perfect for those who like high grade coffee, but with a bit of twist in it.

HG One coffee grinder uses little and can be cleaned easily

Other than the great looks, this grinder boasts of heirloom caliber construction, low ground retention, easy cleaning procedures, and an Eco-friendly alternative to some of the power guzzling alternatives. Even if it does mean grinding the coffee beans manually, it will definitely appear to a select lot. May be, they can even some more extra cash and buy some of the most expensive coffee, for their satisfactory brew.

HG One coffee grinder doesn't use power to create brews

Via: HG One/ Gizmodo

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