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United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 45 Million
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Born on: 31st Mar 71 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor
Ewan McGreggor is an acclaimed Scottish actor who has succeeded in balancing the commercial pot boilers and the art house movies simultaneously. The actor broke into the big league by playing a heroin addict in the 1996 movie “Trainspotting”. The 2001 musical hit “Moulin Rouge” is McGreggor’s biggest blockbuster till date where he gained lavish praise for portraying the role of a poet with great sensitivity. The artist also acquired critical appreciation for his performances in art house movies like “Guys and Girls” and “Othello”. Empire magazine has placed the actor within the Top 50 list in the “Top100 movie stars of all time” category in the year 1997. McGreggor’s acting talents have enabled the actor to reap rich financial rewards and today his estimated net worth is approximately $45 million. Needless to say the bulk of the actor’s coffers have been filled up by the remuneration received for movies. Additional money is made when the actor occasionally takes up television and theater roles. Lucrative endorsement deals valued at millions of dollars have been inked with Korean departmental store Shinsegae and international perfume giant Davidoff. The actor’s considerable personal wealth has ensures a very comfortable lifestyle for his family. The McGreggor family lives in a lavish mansion in London valued at millions of pounds. He loves to drive fast racing cars like the McLaren MP4-12C. The actor prefers to spend most of his spare time closeted with his wife and kids. Ewan loves to ride motorcycles and has participated in several international motorbike expeditions. Charities helping out poor children have received his help in the form of lavish financial grants. The international NGO UNICEF has nominated McGreggor as their ambassador in recognition of the actor’s sterling contribution to their aid programs. Ewan McGreggor was born in Scotland to working class parents. Ewan had a pretty uneventful childhood and grew up in a very stable family environment. He has an elder sibling named Chris. McCreggor's personal life has been free from any taint of controversy as he is very family oriented person. The actor tied the knot with French production designer Eve Mavrakis and the two have been together for almost 20 years. The happily married couple has been blessed with three lovely daughters. Six years back the McGreggor family adopted another girl. The artist is fond of tattoos and has engraved the name of his wife and daughters on his right arm.
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Ewan McGregor Autos and Cars (4)

Ford Mustang convertible

Ewan McGregor drives Ford Mustang convertible

The noted Scottish actor Ewan McGregor loves to drive around the streets of Los Angeles in his silver white Ford Mustang convertible, which comes with an electronically adjustable retractable roof top, and chrome wheels along with a metallic paint job, which combines to provide a sporty appearance. The interiors feature an extensive leather trim level and the power adjustable bucket seats, steering wheel and door have been lined with high end leather. The entertainment package consists of luxury fittings like a twin subwoofer enabled 500 Watt 8 speaker surround sound system and radio data system.

Mini Cooper

Ewan McGregor drives Mini cooper

Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor loves to get behind the wheels of his vintage shiny blue colored VW Beetle to embark on long drives on the streets of Los Angeles. The actor purchased the classic Beetle in year-2009, and has so far managed to keep it in perfect working condition. McGregor has also been photographed filling-up the tank of the car at a local gas station. The iconic Beetle is one of the oldest and most produced cars in the world derived from a single design blueprint. Ewan has however customized parts of the interior and lined the seats with high quality leather.

BMW R1150GS Adventure motorcycle

Ewan rides BMW R1150GS Adventure motorcycle

Ewan McGregor rides a silver gray BMW R1150GS Adventure motorcycle. On mid 2004 the actor embarked on a marathon bike ride spanning 30,000km from London to New York on his R1150GS motorcycle. Some of the prominent countries traversed on the long ride were Canada, Russia, Ukraine and Mongolia. Important events that took place on the trip were captured and later converted into a TV series along with a book. On 2007 McGregor went on another 23,000km long motorcycle ride that took him on the road from North Scotland to Cape Town. Ewan also visited several UNCIEF projects along the way.

Toyota Prius

Ewan McGregor drives Toyota Prius

Ewan McGregor drives a white colored Toyota Prius. The actor uses the Prius to complete his regular activities like shopping for groceries and dropping off his kids to school. On September 2008 the paparazzi managed to click a photograph of the star washing his car outside his home with a hose pipe. The Toyota Prius is a hybrid car which is powered by a combination of electrical batteries and a petrol engine. A diamond shaped front headlight cluster along with a slim upper grille provides the exterior with a highly contemporary look.

Ewan McGregor Cause (3)

Luke Neuhedel Foundation

Ewan McGregor supports Luke Neuhedel Foundation

McGregor signed autographs on several items which were auctioned off to help this charitable organization. Since its inception in 2002, the foundation has been supported by he iconic Hollywood actor Denzel Washington and has helped thousands of cancer stricken children to improve their quality of life through research, education and grants to families to help them cope with the expenses.


Ewan McGregor supports CHAS foundation

The actor hosted a dinner party to raise funds for the organization. Based in Scotland, the non-profit organization is committed to providing hospice services for children and young people with life limiting conditions. The NGO supported by Charley Boorman has managed to raise £8 million with the help of many supporters.


Ewan McGregor supports UNICEF

The artist is an UNICEF ambassador and supports their “Unite Against AIDS” campaign. McGregor even traveled with UNICEF workers to the remotest parts of Asia to film a BBC documentary. The NGO has received the support of celebrities like Nicole Kidman and is dedicated to providing education, sanitation and emergency relief.

Ewan McGregor Brands (3)

Balenciaga Ghesquière Grey Suit

Ewan McGregor wears Balenciaga Ghesquière Grey Suit

Scottish actor Ewan McGregor looked trim and chic as he posed for the cameras in a grey suit made by the Spanish designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga. With its fine cut and ultra-modern shape, the Ghesquiere suit stands testimony to the skill of the designer who was referred to as the "master of us all" by another master designer, Christian Dior.

Marni Charcoal Platform Brogues

Ewan McGregor wears Marni Charcoal Platform Brogues

When The Impossible was screened at the Museum of Art and Design in New York, Ewan McGregor picked the charcoal platform brogues from Marni as his footwear. Costing nearly $1,000 a pair, these longwing Italian-made brogues are dominantly leather with beautifully contrasting grey textile panels. The serrated edging and signature perforation of Marni are seen along with the complete wingtip detail at the toe.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 Sunglasses

Ewan McGregor wears Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 2140 Sunglasses

Almost every 'cool' celebrity seems to own some sunglasses from Ray-Ban and Ewan McGregor is no exception in that! He wears the 2140 Wayfarer sunglasses from the iconic and popular brand. The glasses arrive with mineral glass lenses and oversize metal hinges. With polarized glass being used, they are a real comfort to the eye on a hot sunny day.

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