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Exclusive Concierge Services

Britney Scott / September 2, 2013

Do you want premier seats for a Broadway Show in New York or for a fashion show in Paris?  Now you don’t need to fret as your wishes will be fulfilled with just one call to your concierge.

A lot of exclusive concierge services cater to the wealthy clientele,  providing the most prompt and unique luxury services within the assigned time frame.  So no matter which part of the world you are in, you can make a phone call and your every wish will be fulfilled by your concierge service.  Luxury concierge services are now a fast-growing niche business which looks after the extravagant needs and demands of the wealthiest of individuals.  Earlier, a concierge was basically an employee at hotels who was responsible for the travel arrangements of the guests.  However, the term ‘concierge’ has been given a whole new dimension and is now commonly known as ‘lifestyle management services’.


AmEx, Quintessentially Lifestyle, TRouge Concierge are a few names in the business.  Executives at these exclusive concierge companies receive demands from people who are extremely wealthy and lack the time to manage their ‘luxurious whims’.  Hence, these concierge firms fulfill their impulsive and unusual demands which also include legal and medical help by some.  Luxury has now acquired a new definition as it no longer refers to wearing expensive heels or carrying expensive bags- as it now encompasses high-end experiences.


The luxury concierge services industry is a fast growing one which not only includes individuals but also companies.  A lot of organizations fall back on concierge services when going to countries abroad to prevent falling into traps.

However, the extravagant concierge services are also accompanied with equally lavish fee for membership for the elite class.


The competition in the luxury concierge services is intensifying and the differentiating factor from one concierge firm and another would be their ability to provide an innovative solution, have a global network, out of the box thinking and timely services.  Of course, the associated fee wouldn’t be a constraint; after all, money is only secondary when you want the best experience possible!

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