Expedition-style 163-foot Triton megayacht for sale
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Expedition-style 163-foot Triton megayacht for sale

Expedition-style 163-foot Triton megayacht for sale

Amongst the best things to do in the summer-spring season vacations, is going on a luxurious expedition at sea, and that too on a yacht which is generously endowed with high end luxury amenities. For such an outing with specialized expedition yachts, we have previously seen the uber rich indulge in vessels like the Luna yacht owned by

Even though built for a niche category of wealthy buyers, who would like to spend their idle swimming or deep-sea diving, the luxurious amenities have never really been compromised upon. The Helipad, the country kitchen, the built-in elevator, cabins for 14 guests and 10 crew members, along with the dual 1000 HP engines fitted to take the vessel further, and ensure that the experience in fulfilling in most of it's stages, for the discerning wealthy owner.

The Triton megayacht features a modern design which includes carbon fiber paneling for the hull

Meant ideally for those who explore the waters across large geographies, the rear end of the 163-foot Triton has quite the range of easy mechanisms to work with. When opted for, the captain of the ship can play with the extended platform in a way, whereby it can be lowered to bring in the swimmers on their return to the ship, perhaps even help the fishing enthusiasts get their prized catch on board. There is also plenty of space on board for a couple of tenders, which can be used for some speed-boating adventure.

Triton Yacht's flybridge top view with the satellite based navigation system

Another attractive place for keeping a close watch on nature is the flybridge of the yacht. Ideal place for sunbathing, casual dining and get-together, or simply soaking in the panoramic views of the exterior beauty. With teak wooden floor on the whole area, one can step into the jacuzzi for a soak in, and while observing the views around. The covered area, which also houses the yacht's satellite navigation system, is a place where the bar area will be found. This area had it's own refrigerator, ice-maker, snack food making facilities, apart from space for storing one's lot of booze.

The flybridge on the Triton yacht has it's own bar as well an outdoor area for external views

Describing the interior décor, we would classify the aesthetics as being pseudo-colonial. Lots of well polished mahogany, marble, granite, molded glass, and selected cloth fabrics have ensured that the luxury undertones are strong enough, and satisfies the owners' demand for a well endowed luxurious vessel. Technology is also a strong point, as one sees the 52-inch plasma TV fitted with Seatel Satellite receivers, transmitting images from below the sea level, enabling one to explore the life and weather beneath the waters. It would also be helpful if one uses it before the deep sea diving or fishing adventures.

By and large, the internal space of the Triton features plenty of woodwork including mahogany wood paneling

The Triton however, has it's history to tag along with. After construction in 2004, there has been a legal tussle between Sea Prestigio and Triton regarding the ownership and mortgage payments. According to the details available, since there are over $21 million worth of outstanding payments of interest on mortgage, and also that the 2 parties don't seem to agree with each other, it was ordered to be auction by the United States Marshall. Also, the cost of maintenance of the boat is reportedly high, hence the new owner might be better position to take care of the vessel than these companies.

The Triton yacht has it's own helipad as well

In the past, we have covered some landmark yacht auctions. They include the Agouti speed boat, The Regina superyacht from James Bond's Skyfall movie, and also the Bonham's Curtis Flying Boat sale. Though exact parallels would be tough to draw, but it defines a trend in lifestyle of the under rich, and the kind of toys they would like to buy.

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