Most expensive classic cars for sale at the Retromobile, Paris
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Most expensive classic cars for sale at the Retromobile, Paris

Most expensive classic cars for sale at the Retromobile, Paris

The classic cars are back on the auction block yet again. The Retromobile event by Artcurial, held in Paris earlier this month, showed that the vintage cars are still in demand, as cheap albuterol auto lovers from around the world are keenly interested to splurge on them as investment options as well as for personal use. Since these vintage autos get even rarer by the day, the novelty value seems to be on the rise, and the enigma of the y gone era sticks by these cars to make them precious to fans and collectors alike. Of the few classics that were on display at the Retromobile event in Paris, there were 3 of them which perhaps grabbed the most eye balls:

Famous cars on display at the Retromobile in Paris

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· Vadim’s 1959 Ferrari 250 GTO LWB

1959 Ferrari 250 GTO LWB

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Where there is a 1950’s Ferrari, there has got to be a few rich folks engaged in a race to catch hold of the unique car. This time the 1959 Ferrari 250 GTO LWB which director Roger Vadim had bought, sold for nearly $6 million, which still speaks for demand of such classic autos. Amongst its famous owners, was another pattern baldness treatment French movie director Jean Claude Bajol who sadly passed away earlier this year. In terms of its specifications, the car boasted of a V12 Aluminum Alloy engine with 2,953cc power capacity, and 250 HP of output. The top speed was pegged at around 233 km/ph, while it reached 0-100 km/ph in around 6.5 seconds.

· Peter Mullin 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

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1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

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The 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC has been on the admirer’s circle since a very long time, as many say that this just might be the most expensive car in the world. Back in 2010 when it was bought over by collector Peter Mullin, the price was known to be between $30-40 million, but no exact figures actually were disclosed. Being the pride of his collection, Mr. Mullin didn’t put the car for sale but more as a display item at the event, and it surely grabbed its fair share of eye balls. Its technical specifications speak of specially enhanced 200HP engine, which could take this classic auto up to 190 km/ph of top speed, a landmark of sorts from that age. (Bloomberg)

· 1952 Mercedes Benz 300 SL (W 194 series)

1952 Mercedes Benz 300SL (W194 series)

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One of the stars of the event, which had on display 80 classic cars from the previous generation, the 1952 Mercedes Benz 300 SL was perhaps the most decorated of the lot, looking at its successful run on the racing circuits. Beginning with the 1952 Le Mans race, there was notable positions achieved Lasix no prescription by the vehicle at the Mille Miglia rally, Bern Sports Car Grand Prix, and also the 3rd Carrera Panamericana event. Though the original 1952 winning edition of the car doesn't exist, another edition of the car has actually been preserved, which happens to be this particular one. Under the hood, it featured a 6-cylinder in-line engine with overhead camshaft, 3 Solex twin carburetors, with a displacement of 2,995 cc. The top speed of the vehicle was pegged around 230 km/ph.

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