Most expensive diamond jewelry with fascinating design themes
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Most expensive diamond jewelry with fascinating design themes

Most expensive diamond jewelry with fascinating design themes

Diamonds and women have had a long standing love affair! Among all the precious gems, diamond stands preeminent, as their cost, status and sparkle tends to attract women of all ages across the globe. Every year fashion designers dishes out new lines of jewelry inspired by several themes. And, of the varied inspirations derived by jewelry designers around the world, nature is widely regarded as the greatest inspiration to illustrate at once the perfection and the beauty found in the natural world. Amongst those who had derived their inspiration from nature includes Cartier. The brand Retin-A online was probably the first one to design nature-themed unique jewelry pieces for the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Spencer. She had one of the most beautiful royal jewel in the shape of Diamond Panther bracelet designed by Cartier. Yet again, this year many luxury fashion houses have based their collection on nature and animal-themed patterns, which are exquisite due to their high wearable quotient. Take your pick:

Most expensive diamond jewelry with fascinating design themes

1. Bulgari Serpenti Haute Joaillerie

1. Bulgari Serpenti Haute Joaillerie

Bvlgari had enthralled everyone with its serpentine watches, and the charming theme continues with its Serpenti Haute Joaillerie jewellery collection. Since 1940, snake is the symbol of the brand and is used in many creations. Recently, a serpentine jewelry watch worn by Liz Taylor in her iconic "Cleopatra" in 1962, has been auctioned off for huge price. The brand's latest collection features three new models of serpent bracelet watch all decked in 763-1009 precious stones depending on the version. The first is made esomeprazole online of pink gold base adorned with 244 diamonds, engraved on the dial, case and bracelet diamond, 261 amethyst crystals and 288 sapphires. The second model is made of white gold and encrusted with 290 diamonds, 221 emeralds and 250 amethyst crystals. The last model has a base of white gold with 585 emerald and 422 diamonds. The dial of the watch has a Quartz clock mechanism that indicates hours and minutes and is hidden in the head of the serpent. (

Boucheron Bestiary collection is a limited edition animal inspired jewelry collection that offers some of the unique designs. The company has designed rings in the shapes of monkey, zebra, elephant horses and many more. Each design is decked in precious stones and made in white and pink gold. The monkey ring has a base of white gold with one Ruby and orange and yellow sapphires while the eyes are made of twin emeralds. The elephant ring is made of white and yellow gold and is studded with emeralds, diamonds and sapphires. The collection also consists of a camel ring made of yellow gold encrusted with Madagascar sapphire and emeralds. Other rings in the collection are zebra, Razal and giraffe ring. The price of the collection depends on the number of precious stones and make of the piece, however, the range starts from $ 50,000- $100,000.(Boucheron Bestiary)

3. Van Cleef & Arpels

3.	Van Cleef & Arpels

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Since ages, a woman’s grace has been compared to a free bird and to compliment this Van Cleef & Arpels have Buy Brand Viagra online introduced a beautiful necklace inspired by a free bird. This necklace is shaped in a flying bird form and each feather is decked with blue, purple and pink sapphires and diamonds. This year, the jewelers have delicately handcrafted each feather one by one following the Maison’s tradition. (

This collection of Animal world has been created by Chopard to commemorate 150th anniversary of the brand. The animal shaped jewelry is encrusted with exceptional quality gemstones and also features rare stones such as Quartz and Kunzites. Some of the jewelry is also made of precious wood to give the nature’s effect. The collection consists of pieces like Parrot Necklace made of 18-carat white gold set with pear shaped rose cut diamonds (13cts), navette cut diamonds (12cts). Owl Watch is made in 18-carat white and rose gold adorned with diamonds (7cts), trapeze cut diamonds (2cts) and trapeze cut yellow sapphires (4cts). Frog ring that is made in white gold is encrusted with emeralds (3cts), black diamonds and white diamonds, holding a crown of a stunning brilliant cut yellow diamond (3cts) that is completely enclosed by yellow diamonds. Other pieces in collection are turtle rings, Antelope earrings, Clownfish plastron necklace, Storks earrings, Sardine Bracelet and many more. (Chopard)

5. Panthère de Cartier- A Cartier collection

Panthère de Cartier- A Cartier collection

Cartier from the very beginning is known for its unconventional jewelry pieces and has created some of the finest pieces like diamond panther bracelet that is adorned with ruby, sapphire, diamond apr 28, 2014 - order baclofen online without prescription buy baclofen online - baclofen buy pharmacy baclofen free consult usa, uk , au, gb, ca and emerald and was once owned by Wallis Spencer, later by Duchess of Windsor. Yet again, the brand has rolled out its collection of Panthère de Cartier that consists of panther rings, bracelets, earrings and many more items. Made from the finest gold, diamonds, ruby and sapphires, this collection is continuously revising and innovating itself with the fashion times. (

For almost 150 years now, Marchak has been creating objects for royalty, chiefs of state, and collectors and now the brand is out with their new collection which is inspired by Russian tradition. The jewelry is made of precious metals and dazzling gems. The collection consists of a unique Octopus ring decked with a real pearl on the head and other precious stones on the body. The collection also has butterfly earrings made from yellow gold and decked with precious stones. Even though the brand is age old, the jewelry is made in perfect Art Deco style and competes with the modern day fashion. (Marchak Jewelers)

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