Most expensive diamonds sold at auction
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Most expensive diamonds sold at auction

Most expensive diamonds sold at auction

Most expensive diamonds

Diamonds are for everyone. Besides making for beautiful jewellry, diamond sales are rising with investors buying them as collectibles. Diamonds of assorted traits with their exclusive beauty cheap Fluoxetine are admired by many and they also reflect a person’s wealth and give its owner a sense of pride and luxury. Although diamonds are women’s first love, you will be surprised to know that these expensive diamonds are mostly collected by men. The best quality diamonds come from all over the world and are sold at different auction houses at hefty prices. Hence, we have compiled a list of world’s most expensive diamonds sold at auctions. Read on:

1. The Graff Pink

Price: $46 million

At Sotheby’s Hong Kong

Rare pink diamond at Sotheby’s

Billed as one of the world's great diamonds and the most expensive one , the exceptionally rare pink stone was sold at Sotheby’s at a whooping price of $46 million that is much more than the expected price which was $27 million and $38 million. Celebrity jeweler Harry Winston sold it around 60 years ago and since then this diamond has been in a private collection. The diamond weighs 24.78-carat and has a rare pink color. This spectacular piece now belongs to Laurence Graff who has major areas of practice: administrative law, real estate, wills, estate planning and buy cheap generic fluoxetine online probate, domestic relations,  now named it “The Graff Pink”.

2. Wittelsbach diamond

Price: $25.52million

At Christie's London

Wittelsbach diamond

The second most expensive diamond was sold at the Christie's London and is known as Wittelsbach diamond. Originally from India, the diamond was given as the wedding dowry of a Spanish princess “Infanta Magarita Teresa” painted by Velazquez in 1664. London Bond Street-based jeweler Laurence Graff paid cool price of $24.47 million for this magnificent piece that has treatment with Sildenafil a rare sky blue color.

3. The Chloe Diamond

Price: $16.2 Million

At Sotheby's Geneva

White Diamond

A rare flawless white diamond was sold at Sotheby's in Geneva and fetched a whooping cost of $16.2 million. Brilliant-cut diamond, weighing 84.37 carats, was bought by Georges Marciano, the founder of clothing company Guess? Inc. Marciano named the stone “the Chloe Diamond” after his 12-year-old daughter. Head of Sotheby's jewelry department David Bennett said, “It has the highest possible grading you can get from the Gemological Institute of America, coupled with the fact that a brilliant-cut diamond is the most difficult of all cuts to achieve from a rough diamond.”

4. Heart shaped diamond

Price: $12 million

At Christie’s London

Heart shaped diamond

A diamond is indeed every girl’s dream and a heart shape diamond adds glory to it. This heart shaped diamond was sold at Christies Magnificent Jewels collection and dazzles in pure white color. The diamond was expected to fetch $10 million but sold at cool $12 million and hence became the most expensive heart shaped diamond ever estrace online. estrace estradiol. estrace 1mg. estrace for ivf. estrace 2mg. buy ethinyl estradiol. buy estradiol cream. buy estrace. cost of estrace . order estradiol. sold at an auction.

5. Rare “Vivid Pink” diamond

Price: $11.7 million

At Christie’s Hong Kong

Rare “Vivid Pink” diamond

This 5 Carat diamond was on sale at the Christie's autumn sales of Asian and Chinese art in Hong Kong and was sold for whooping $11.7 million. This cushion-cut is mined from South Africa and is known as Vivid Pink because of its rare pink color, which is unique in colored diamonds. The diamond was bought by an Asian collector and was called as a glittering star of the auction.

6. Sun-Drop Diamond

Price: $11 Million -15million (expected)

At Sotheby's Geneva

Sun-Drop Diamond

110.03 Carats fancy yellow diamond is the finest example of colored diamonds and is the biggest known pear-shaped fancy vivid yellow diamond in the world. This rare piece is up for sale at the Sotheby's Geneva sale of Magnificent Jewels that is scheduled to be held buy cheap Lithium on November 15, 2011. This Sun-Drop Diamond has been graded Fancy Vivid Yellow, the highest color grading for a yellow diamond, by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has a purity of VVS1. The stone was displayed previously at London's Natural History Museum.

7. Flawless blue diamond

Price: $9.3 million

At Sotheby's Geneva

Flawless blue diamond

An unblemished blue diamond that weighs 7.03 carats has been sold at the Sotheby's semi-annual sale in Geneva, conducted by David Bennett, chairman of the firm's jewelry department. It was sold at the whooping price of $9.3 million. The diamond was sold on telephone in just 15 minutes of bidding and was bought by an anonymous buyer who is said to be a collector of pricy diamonds. According to the diamond experts at the auction, blue diamonds are the rarest of the diamond family after of file wherever montague buy female viagra of find is kind sympathetic says. reds.

8. Rare Blue diamond

Price: $7.9 million

At Sotheby’s Geneva

Rare Blue diamond

The 6.04 carat fancy vivid rare blue diamond was sold at the Sotheby’s that fetched $7.9 million and was sold to an anonymous buyer. The diamond back then broke the record for 20 years as the amount is the highest price per carat in 20 years. The buyers at the auction were excited to see the rare blue colored diamond that was found in Premier Mine in South Africa. This diamond fetches roughly ten times the per-carat price of regular white diamonds.

9. The Shizuka Diamond

Price: $6.21 million

At Christie’s Hong Kong

The Shizuka Diamond

This buy cheap lioresal. lioresal online. lioresal 10 mg. lioresal mg. order lioresal. lioresal tablets. baclofen online. generic lioresal. baclofen tablets. buy baclofen giant size diamond, that weighs 101.27-carat, was a part of Christie's Hong Kong jewelry auction. A private collector has bought this diamond for his wife. It is the largest colorless diamond ever sold at auction in Asia. This shield-shaped F-color stone was cut from a 460-carat piece of rough and has 92 facets.

10. Vivid Green Diamond

Price: $3.08million

At Sotheby's Geneva

Green diamond

Sotheby’s sale of Magnificent Jewels has always offered exceptional and elegant jewelries. One such profligate piece of jewelry was on sale at the Sotheby’s sale of Magnificent Jewels in 2009. Natural colored diamonds are rare and always fetch good amount at any auction. Hence this green diamond ring fetched $3.08 million in the sale at Geneva. This rare 2.52 Carat vivid green diamond is the largest green diamond ever sold at any auction.

11. D VVS1 owned by Harry Winston

Price: $1.7 million- $2.5 million

At Christies

D VVS1 owned by Harry Winston

11.85-carat D VVS1 owned by Harry Winston, doxycycline hyclate vs monohydrate acne doxycycline 80 mg doxycycline without prescription its dimensions, said the auction house, were cut to perfection, thereby ensuring a stunning display of artistic brilliance. The auction estimate for the brilliant cut diamond is between $1.7 million to $2.5 million. The question you would now be tempted to ask is, how much can we expect the Martian diamond to fetch then? A whopping $8 million, say insider sources.

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