Dr Dre headphones
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Dr Dre headphones

Dr Dre headphones

Designed on the believe that ‘People aren’t hearing all the music’, Beats by Dr Dre let the people hear what the artists hear in their studios, and listen to the music the way they should. Dr Dre headphones not only delivers the sound output as close to reality a technology permits, but it also boasts ultra-portability and luxury factor. The headphones are quite popular among the DJs and music lovers, and one can easily find someone rocking a pair of Beats by Dre. Further, to order diflucan make these technically advance headphones more elegant and luxurious, Dr Dre some time or the other teams up with famous design companies and designers including Oscar de la Renta, Crystal Rocked, ColorWare and CrystalRoc. For people looking for a blend of luxury and high quality audio, here is the list of Dr Dre bling headphones that stands apart as the examples.

Lil Wayne $1 Million Beats by Dre Headphones

Price: $1 Million

Recently, American rapper Lil Wayne misoprostol tablets was spotted wearing a $1 million diamond studded Beats by Dr Dre headphones at the NBA All Star basketball game. Created in collaboration by Beats by Dr Dre and Graff Diamonds, the headphone was covered in 114 carats of diamonds, and it is said to be the most expensive headphone till date. Beats by Dr Dre are the high definition powered isolation headphones, and they are so comfortable that you actually feel the music not the headphones. The plush cushions covered with ultra-soft breathable materials keep you cool, under all listening conditions.

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Price: NA

After festooning the Shure, Sennheiser and Audio Technica headphones with sparkling crystals, CrystalRoc has done the Dr. Dre Beats headphones too. Beats by Dr. Dre from Monster are high definition headphones engineered and designed to reveal the full sound of digital music and reveal every note with distortion-free clarity. CrystalRoc has adorned each Beats headphone with more than 4,320 Swarovski crystal Elements in crystal and black hematite. They will also make the headphones available with chrome or gold plating. No word on pricing for now.

Gold Studio headphones

Price: $2,500

For the people looking for a blend of luxury and high quality audio, Crystal Rocked has crafted the famous Dr. Dre Beats Studio headphones plated with 24 carat gold in its “Collectors Series”. The latest in stylish design and pioneering technology, the headphones took six months to be created. These headphones are packed in a custom made walnut box, and are engraved with serial numbers. On purchase of each headphone, the buyer would get a certificate of authenticity relating to the individual purchase. The headphones also carry warranty and individual customer numbers, so that the item remains unique, and is never repeated. Apart from being a luxury product, this audio gadget is technologically advanced too. The gadget is featured with Beats Studio high definition powered isolation and is equipped with the monster cable, which is 1.3 meters long and can be easily fit in any phone like iPhone, Blackberry and other music phones. The headphones are limited to only 50 in numbers, out of which, 10 are reserved for Harrods Department store, London. And, the headphones come with two years of warranty for a price of $2,500. Although, they are gold plated headphones but are not the most expensive ones.

Dr Dre Beats – Pro 24ct Gold plated

Price: $1,588

Crystal Rocked has earlier crafted the famous Dr. Dre Beats Studio headphones plated with 24 carat gold in its ‘Collector Series’, and now, it has expanded its range of Dr Dre headphones by creating the 24 carat Gold plated Pro headphones. Dr Dre Beats Pro is the reference headphone designed by audio professionals for audio professionals, and particularly for those who prefer a clean yet power sound. The Pro’s are the most in demand headphones, and are built from strong yet lightweight aluminum for rugged on-the-go use. The flip up ear cups let the listener to monitor the room without taking Beats Pro off the heads. Further, the Pro’s have dual input/output cable ports that enable you to share mixes by daisy-chaining headphones. Quality music listeners can get this Crystal Rocked 24 carat gold plated Pro headphones at price of $1588 along with 2 years warranty.

Dr Dre Detox Pro

Price: $1,388

For those looking for a perfect gift for the high-end audio lover on their list, Dr Dre is one of the most trusted brand in styling and the material used. So, keep aside the struggle of figuring out the gift options, and gift a pair of Dr Dre DETOX Pro black crystallized headphones, which they are surely going to cherish forever. We have earlier also told you about Dr Dre Beats Studio headphones that buy Proscar with light rose Swarovski crystals makeover. Only 20 of these Beats Pro Detox are available through Crystal Rocked, who are expert in crystallized makeovers of the tech products for more than a decade now. Besides, the blinged looks, the high definition headphones are created for a surround sound experience with distortion free clarity. Each headphone will be encrusted with 3000 clear pieces of black Swarovski crystals. The headphones retail at $1,388 and will come with one year warranty.

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Price: $1,000

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The good folks at ColorWare have now given an exclusive treatment to the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, which are already quite popular among the music lovers and DJs. To my surprise, they haven’t colored the headphones red or blue this time. Instead, they have gone with the sexy chrome finish, and have chosen the name "Beats Chrome" for the limited edition version. Only 50 units will be produced with a brilliantly reflective chrome finish. Moreover, each official set will be uniquely engraved to make you stand out from the crowd. ColorWare is asking a cool $1,000 for the uber-stylish Beats Chrome headphones.

Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphones Swarovski Light Rose

Price: $891

With the tech world flying higher each day, it seems it’s catching up with luxury too. After the 24 Carat Gold headphones by Crystal rocked, Dr. Dre has now created the Light Rose Swarovski studded headphones, that will surely ‘bling’ up your sound listening experience more than anything else. With high quality sound output and external noise cancellation, these headphones are equally capable of catering to your professional audio needs. Many a times, artists don’t get the actual sound output from their recordings with which they judge the quality. With these Dr. Dre Studio headphones, that issue is well taken care of, and the sound output is as close to reality as technology permits. This means, the studios are now completely at ease about what they need to have in their kitty in the future. Next in line is the ultra-portability and luxury factor. Despite the 4,300 individual rose Swarovski crystals over the headset, the weight is fairly light which means one wouldn’t feel a load while listening to long hours of audio. The 1.3 meter chord lets you connect to any device, including your iPod, iPhone, and also a whole of music gadgets, which lends variety to its integration capabilities. Accompanying the headset will be a special fiber cleaning cloth, meant for precious surfaces such as these. With advanced Aegis Microbe Shield Technology, you can hope for a perfectly clean and hygienic set of headphones. These shall set you back by $891 a set.

Oscar De La Renta with Dr Dre for limited edition

Price: $695

The magic of rapsters and their somewhat auras seems to have a charming effect on everything they associate themselves with, specially limited edition electronics. After creating some really ‘blinged’ headphones such as the Detox Pro and the Beats Rose crystal, Dr. Dre as a brand has once again joined hands with Oscar de La Renta for the Beats limited edition headphones. What first appeared like a pair of ear mufflers, actually turned out to be a pair of designer headphones, truly ‘different’ though they may be. Once you figure out the lifestyle of the folks from the hip-hop world, it makes no real sense to stick to something that’s just about ending at sophistication. Instead, hope for something truly outlandish and sometimes a bit tacky too, which we guess would be the fair assessment of these headphones. Made with plum tinted faux fur, these Beats headphone come as a real surprise taking into consideration, that the one of the most noted Dominican designers have been a part of the project. Luckily, the hip-hop geeks will have the good luck of listening to some high quality sound, kind-of weird though it may look to the others. Since the technology within the device is the same as before, the output of sound will never really take a seat back in terms of customer satisfaction. So, if you are looking to stand out by the virtue of your choice of style for electronics aesthetics, the Dr Dre headphones are for you, but with a $695 price tag. Also, do hurry in as we hear that there won’t be too many apparently!

ColorWare Collection Illusion Beats by Dr Dre

Price: $1000

ColorWare, the customization specialists has just introduced its new ColorWare Collection Illusion Beats Studios that features the heart pounding close-to-reality sound output along with chameleon-like, iridescent paint. Delivering stunning and dramatic color shifting effects, the headphones have been painted with a chameleon-like, iridescent paint with incredible precision and care. The chameleon-like effect is visible when the blue to red-color shifts from blue to warm red, purple and copper, dec 24, 2014 - cheap generic estrace online no prescription how to buy estrace fedex store sheffield. estrace online no prescription purchase estradiol cod  the red to gold-color shifts from red to orange, gold and slight hints of maroon, and the gold to silver-color shifts from gold to a radiant, yet icy, silver blue and green. Available on ColorWare online store at the price tag of $1000, each of the headphone pair has been uniquely engraved and comes with ColorWare Collection Classic Ultrasuede carrying case.

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