Most expensive Fantasy gifts in 2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book
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Most expensive Fantasy gifts in 2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Most expensive Fantasy gifts in 2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Neiman Marcus 2011 Christmas gifts book

After presenting its collection of extravagant gifts for the Christmas collection in 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007, luxury retailing chain Neiman Marcus has introduced its Christmas Book 2011. This one is the 85th edition of the book, which has the similar degree of extravaganza of gifting items we saw in the earlier canadian pharmacy safe buy dapoxetine online cheap dapoxetine order free viagra sample pills buy dapoxetine in sydney australia best prices editions. We present to you a detailed list of those high-end gifts, which you could think of picking up this year from their exclusive collection:

1. WET dancing fountain

His & Hers 2011 Dancing Fountains

Price: $1 million

From 1983, WET has been a pioneer in the field of designer fountains, and its best example is perhaps the DUBAI fountain, the largest of its kind in the world. They have managed to create a million dollar version of their latest creation, the dancing fountain with robotic features. The special nozzles spray water in such a fashion that it appears like a couple dancing to the finest of western art forms, sometimes as a couple or even as dance rivals. They will be enchanting you with their bows, twirl, whirl and sweeps with grace barely seen anywhere else. The charitable aspect of this sale includes the donation of $10,000 to the WATER.ORG organization, which works providing clean potable water to developing countries around the world.

2. International Flower Show by Jetway Private Air

International Flower Show Tour

Price: $420,000

Coming March 2012, each guest along with 9 companions will be on the special tour vacation of the exotic destinations around Europe to witness some of the world’s finest flowers and sustainable horticulture. With the trip beginning in Merges, Switzerland, one can witness 300 Tulip varieties with the backdrop of the Lake Geneva, and later relax at the luxurious Hotel Laussane Palace & Spa. After that, the next destination will be Athens, Greece where the guests will witness Kifisia flower show of more than 2000 varieties of plants and flowers from around the world.

Next in line is Avignon, France, where Altera Rosa Festival is held to showcase 30 new rose verities each year. Then would be London, UK, where the Chelsea Flower Show will be on display. The illustrations will suggest how traditional and ancient horticulture designs can be blended with one another. Mind you, this trip will have 3 days and 2 nights stays at each destination, with serviced gourmet meals, private transportation and concierge, wine tasting sessions amongst others. The charitable part of the vacation is the $5,000 donation towards the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, which promotes sustainable horticulture.

3. Bespoke Ferrari FF

The 2012 Ferrari FF, Bespoke

Price: $395,000

When expensive gifts are being talked about, it’s seldom that Ferrari as a brand is missing from the list. This Christmas list will have a limited edition Ferrari FF, created exclusively for the Neiman Marcus store, which will sell the car to 10 lucky qualifying customers. Also strict watch has been kept to ensure that no customer can purchase more than 1 unit of this car. Like jul 19, 2014 - 4 free baclofen / baclofen pills with every order -=- no prescription baclofen online uk baclofen buy in ger high quality online no prescription most others, this limited edition coupe has a V-12 engine of 651 HP capacity that can take you from 0-100 km/ph in under 3.7 seconds and it has a top speed of over 322 km/ph.

The transmission is 7-speed automatic with dual clutch system or easy shifting. The body as well as the interiors have received a special grey tone called the ‘Grigio Caldo’, along with embellishments of the Neiman Marcus logo. The difference for the interiors will be the fabric used which is a softened version of the semi-aniline leather, and will come with a special custom made luggage set. The seating capacity is for 4 adults with ample space for comfort.

4. Hacker Craft Speed boat

Neiman Marcus-Edition Hacker-Craft Speedboat

Price: $250,000

Another item which mesmerizes at first is the Hacker Speed boat of the Neiman Marcus 2011 Christmas collection. This 27-footer speed vessel has 1400 hours of detailed craftsmanship used on its body and technical components, which include the rare mahogany wooden hull, embalmed with 15 coats of varnish for the perfect finish. The engine under the hood is a marine 8.2 with high output of 425HP of displacement capacity, meeting some of price of Asacol the highest standards of European boating.

Also adding to the exclusivity factor is the limited edition production of 10 boats and features like underwater lighting, gold leaf waterline, cream colored seats with purple piping, GPS, refrigerator and premium stereo system for entertainment. For people who like to light up during journeys, there is the monogrammed humidor to store their favorite cigars. Like most items on this exclusive Christmas list, a donation of $3,000 will be made to the Double H Ranch for each sale conducted, aimed at rehabilitating families with children suffering from life-threatening diseases.

5. Assouline custom built library

Assouline Custom-Built Library

Price: $125,000

Reading spaces never really got as rejuvenated as the custom built version from Assouline, retailed Order Disulfiram by Neiman Marcus. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall, and objects of décor, each of them get handpicked according to your style and taste. There are over 250 vintage and current maestros from the field of art and culinary sciences whose self-authored books would adorn the shelves. iPads and tablets are almost not found anywhere in the scene, as the space gets exclusively redone for paper book-reading. But what do you soak in is strictly done according to your personal tastes. The furniture too is designer, but minimalistic in its appeal, letting you rack your brains the vintage way.

6. Dream Folly Fantasy Tent

Dream Folly

Price: $75,000

With everyone looking for an exclusive space for one’s own retreat, there is very little option with the cramped up spaces of the big modern day cities. However, the Dream Folly tent from Rainier Yurts might solve the problem to a large extent by beautifying and cozying up your garden space. With an 18-foot diameter, mixed order online at usa pharmacy! weight loss on generic zoloft . top offering, sertraline zoloft generic . grain interior lattice system, Sunbrella exterior lining, plexi-glass door and dome, one begins to wonder whether its hi-fi mansion, but it’s only a 1960’s inspired tent we are talking about.

Inside the tent there are the exclusive upholstery pieces such as the hand crafted down filled pillows by Rebecca Vizard, who with her team of special craftsmen, modify ancient haute couture by adding sequins, beading and hand bordered metallic gallons with corded trims. The other appealing addition is the hand-crafted chandelier by Julie Neill Designs, lending a rather dreamy ambience to the interiors. However, the pleasing aspect of this gift is the $5,000 donation towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for the sale of each of these advair diskus & generic fluticasone/salmeterol buy generic advair diskus online buy fluticasone units, which you could get colored as per choice.

7. Tom Burr ping-pong table

Table-Tennis Table

Price: $45,000

This table might dec 26, 2014 - order baclofen online – no prescription required. of 7 mm. buy baclofen online canada and phenibut awd 10 mg lioresal y embarazo value  not strike as something extraordinary at first glance, but would certainly be your pride once you use it. Made out of high-grade black rubber, this table is shaped sharply at the edges, and has nothing too flashy to boast of, except for the opaque net in between. The benefits as Tom Burr says, “more bounce for your buck”, relates to the superior experience of playing the sport of ping pong on this table. Like most things with a designer tag, this table shall have only 10 pieces ever made, and with each sale, $2,500 will go to the charitable institution called Big Brothers Big Sisters, who work in the area of children’s welfare.

8. Trip to Stone Barns Farm

Stone Barns Farm

Price: $9,500

Around 25 miles away from Manhattan, lay the Pocantico Hills, where the Stone Barns Farm lies. For a group of 6 guests, the trip to the farm will prove to be a hands experience of the American order Viagra online country life, and most importantly, a glimpse into how one can depend on vegetation and poultry farming for good quality food. Farmer Jack Algiere will be training the guests to create their own home gardens followed by multi-course meals and cooking methods by Chef Adam Kaye. The proceeds from the sale of its tour package will go towards the charitable institution of Stone Barns Center, meant for the upkeep of the particular area.

9. Johnnie Walker private Scotch tasting session

Scotch Tasting

Price: $5,000

Johnnie Walker as a brand is indeed a cult in the world of fine Scotch whiskeys. But this special tasting session will give guests and 20 others the opportunity to taste some of the most unique blends of the brand, including the Blue, Black, Red, and Green labels. A certified event planner will ensure that the whole evening is smoothly run as per your needs, and the Master of Whiskey will demonstrate the fine intricacies of Scotch tasting, and their associated history. Also, after the event, each of the accompanying guests will get a souvenir Johnnie Walker Blue label bottle for their personal consumption. But this gift has a legal stipulation – all guests must be over 21 years of age to participate in the session. The charitable part of this is a rather generous offering, as all proceeds go towards AIDS Research and Cure.

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