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Most expensive fruit: $6,400 grapes

Andrea Divirgilio / July 30, 2011

Most expensive fruit: $6,400 grapes

In the month of June, we came across the most expensive Japanese watermelon that was sold for $4000, and this time it’s the most expensive grapes, again from Japan. Yes, it’s a treat for the foodies who won’t mind spending a fortune on one bunch of Ruby Roman grapes. These super expensive Japanese grapes were sold on Friday for whooping $6,400.

The auction of this expensive bunch of grapes took place in a room of a wholesale market in Kanazawa city and the winning bid was called out by the local upscale pastry shop in Ishikawa Prefecture amongst 30 other auction participants.

Each piece of Ruby Roman weighs 20 grams and has a rich cherry color, and the sugar content in this is around 18%. This special class bunch of grapes is artfully engineered and each grape costs around $255. The size is abnormally big when compared to a normal grape and looks like a table tennis ball, difficult enough to have it in one bite.

According to Toshio Shimizu, an official at the Ishikawa chapter of the Japan Agricultural Cooperative, “The quality hasn’t changed that much from last year – it’s just as sweet and juicy.”

But, perhaps increasing interest and expectation has influenced the price jump, as the final price is a 150% increase compared with the highest bid last year.These Ruby Roman bunches were the part of first grape consignment shipped this year, as 10,000 bunches were shipped which is double the supply compared to last year.

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