Most expensive home in Palm Beach, Florida, is on sale for $74 million
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Most expensive home in Palm Beach, Florida, is on sale for $74 million

Most expensive home in Palm Beach, Florida, is on sale for $74 million

Palm Beach Mansion

Listed Price: $ 74 million

The Property: The mansion is 27,000 sq ft waterfront architecture on Plam Beach, Florida which has the majesty of French grand estates. The gardens are sprawling, with ample avenues if decided to display art, especially sculptures. The walls within the mansion are done up with a vintage collection of art pieces which have selected by the current owner, Dan Swanson. With just a 300 meter distance from the main road, the estate is a gated secured architecture with space for parking of 50 vehicles.

Physical Address: 1220, South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach Florida, USA.

The setting: The setting as we mentioned earlier, is reminiscent of French houses with a very ‘beach-house’ appeal to itself. The entrance is widespread with a big water fountain in the centre which adorns a classical handcrafted sculpture, and a plethora of greenery including decade old trees garlanding the area. This theme is carried forward at the back of the house as well, with the open air swimming pool, the sides of which have a long string of tall trees, giving the opportunity to be close to nature. On the insides, the crafted staircases leading to the upper floor, along the contrasting off-white walls further accentuate the grandeur that this estate is famous for.

Fact Box: - Has 25 rooms in all, which include the 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

- Has 6 juice bars, French country kitchens, access to the nearest beach which is just across the street.

- The swimming pool is pre-heated for greater comfort.

- Also has power back-up in the form of the generator.

- The doors and windows are specially created with an impact proof design.

Palm Beach Mansion 2

Interiors and Exteriors: The interiors as we mentioned have a lot of French designing on the artwork of the walls and the art pieces adorned on them. The exteriors are given a special beach like effect with the tall palm trees, and lighting, which gives a very grand yet vibrant feel of a beach property, especially after dark. There are also the prominent and rather artistic fountains to create a feeling a grand estate.

Contacts: Jim McCann.

Phone No.: (561)- 296 8720.

Via: Corcoran/ Palm Beach Post

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