Most expensive iPod docking stations
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Most expensive iPod docking stations

Most expensive iPod docking stations

In a world where Apple seems to have permeated our lives, it was only too obvious that designers and tech innovators from around the world will come buy prozac online from canada drugs - online canadian pharmacy. prozac if you are uncertain whether you must start taking this medication , speak with your fucidin without prescription up with unique docking stations, which would allow the Apple fans to listen to their audio with as much high quality output, as adding aesthetic beauty to their room settings, albeit with a notable price tag. The following list includes the most expensive of the lot in the market:

AeroDream One iPod Tower

Price: $519,617

Earlier last year, multi-talented artist Jean Michael Jarre, created the AeroDream One iPod Tower, which by far is the most expensive, and also the tallest iPod docking station there on the market. Towering truly at a height of 3.40 meters, this tower is known to weight as much as 395 kgs per unit and also comes with a special ladder for climbing to the top of the tower, where the docking port is located. A tech-giant by all means, there is the 6.35 mm jack for accommodating other gadgets if one wishes to, for playing audio content. Capabilities include the 10,000 Watt power output, 5 channel amplifiers, and also the fairly impressive 18-inch subwoofer. (AeroDream One)

Behringer iNuke Boom iPod dock

Price: $30,000

When the world seems to be moving towards ‘slim n trim’ designs for any gadget there can be, Behringer thought otherwise and created this 700-lbs, horizontally formed docking station for the iPod. Though it appears more like a small MUV than just a docking station, it packs in quiet the punch with its 10,000 Watt power output. Almost the perfect accessory for a large room with a proportional mass of party goers, this device can play the iPod, iPhone or even the iPad’s stored content with ease. For those that may have attended CES 2012 in Las Vegas earlier in the month, would have witnessed it firsthand too.

Lalique AeroSystem One iPod dock

Price: $15,774

One of the more artistic creations by Jean Michael Jarre, the Lalique iPod dock features some of the best examples of contemporary French craftsmanship, with the ‘mask of the woman’ design on the lower end of the docking station’s body. It is also known that this design needed the work of 13 craftsmen to recreate this sculpture-like artwork on the docking station’s body. Its technical strengths include the presence of 2 speakers of 30Watt RMS each and a subwoofer of 60Watt, paired along with a 120 Watt RMS amplifier system, which do more good to the sound output than one could think of, from a docking station. Flexibilities like the 3.5mm USB jack, along with an AUX audio input port, capable of reading formats like Mp3 and WMA are there too. Gives room to use the device just as easily, if the audio content is stored on products other than Apple.

iTree iPhone & iPod dock

Out of all designs of an iPod dock, this one Valtrex buy online is somewhat on the wild side, totally in the literal sense. Made entirely out of a log of a tree, The iTree iPod/iPhone/iPad dock can be customized further for individual needs and preferences for varieties of wood. Such has been the attention to detail, that each log gets hand selected by the customer from the forest area in South Austria directly, after which the team of experts use their knowledge to create the perfect product. On the technical front, there are multiple add-ons like multiple flexible ports for docking audio-storage devices other than those from Apple, wireless technology to play audio content just in case the ports don’t match the audio devices of the customer. In terms of sound output, there is a frequency response of 45Hz- 40 KHz through the 2 pairs of speakers on each side, which makes sensitive frequencies almost as clear as possible.

Chord Electronics Indigo iPod docking station

Price: $12,100

Within the race of iPod docks, the Indigo dock stands out simply for the variance of functions that it provides, both for analog as well as digital, and wired and wireless ones. If you have A2DP enabled device, then this docking station is what you would like to catch hold of. Few of the acceptable formats in this regard include the SPDIF, AES, optical, USB, and even Bluetooth. In terms of control, one can either use the integrated remote control, or even the Fluoxetine no prescription front manual control panel. But should you decide to listen to it all on headphone, the noise cancelling output socket is there too.

‘Wall of Sound’ iPod speaker

Price: $4,500

True to its name, this device has the dimensions and power of a wall in every sense of the word. Standing almost a meter tall, 1.25 meters wide, and a weight of 102 kilos, the ‘Wall of Sound’ indeed is an imposing piece of gadgetry when compared to how sleek ‘n’ slim the iPods generally are. From a device of that size, this speaker pumps out 125 Watts of output through 28 individual speakers included in the set up, all put together by hand. To ensure that no a single frequency goes missing, there is a special tube amplifier hidden in it too. Ideal for a lavish place with multiple gatherings taking place there.

Kyle Buckner custom made iPod dock

Price: $2,599

If there is one such device that combines style quotient with technological compatibility, it is this custom made iPod dock by Kyle Buckner. buy ventolin In other words, it is a blend of fabrics like wood, plastic, aluminum, and fiber glass put together in this new age design, along with tech additions like a speaker with 4 transducers, along with integration with a whole host of products. That would include the iPhone versions, iPod editions, desktop computers, laptops, and other MP3 & CD players as well. All in all, design freaks and Apple fans will enjoy the Kyle Buckner iPod dock with equal passion.

Regen Solar iPod dock

Price: $2,299

When the rest of the world is going green, and using alternative sources of power like solar energy, why should iPod docks be really left behind? This is precisely answered by this ultra-sleek and slim Regen iPod dock, which can play up to 12 hours of non-stop music on a single charge. Each such charging spree will need exposure of about 20 hours of outdoor sun, or 40 hours indoor. Mind you, if there is a party at your place dapoxetine side effects alcohol dapoxetine dosage side effects order dapoxetine and you need to pump up the volumes, then this machine lasts for a good 4.5 hours before needing another recharge in the sun. For controls, there is the control panel on the top, with the backlit LCD panel on the side. The power output of this docking station stands at an equivalence of 60 Watts of a conventional speaker system.

Parrot Ancient Gold Zikmu speakers

Price: $2,200

After experimenting with several colors and textures of the device, the Zikmu speakers were finally given the Midas touch, and only 20 of these ever really got made. 3 of them were for buyers in Dubai alone. Apart from its curved sleek body, the features match up to the elite standards as well. They would encompass the wi-fi technology integration, along with 360-degree surround sound capability, and a remote control for the all the functions on board the device. Other than Apple iPod, there is also the advantage of using other similar devices which have a similar audio format.

Trumstand horn shaped iPod dock

Price: $1,800- $2,000

Using the classic design of the horn shaped gramophones of yester years, and the charm of gold and silver plating, the Trumstand iPod dock is meant for those who like simplicity and utility to go with it. The main reason for that is the use of the‘s-shape’ of the tube speaker which helps in amplifying the sound output, unlike some others which use more high-end technology to do the same. Ideal for a small private setting, this device is capable of playing content from an iPod or even the iPhone. Buyers can of course choose from the variety of silver or gold plating for the docking station.

Art Suono iPod dock

Price: $1,499

Using an imposing body combined with modern sleek components, the Art Suono iPod dock certainly will grab eyeballs for those who love designs. After having designing brains from the house of DMV, backed by Ferrari, creating such a device, this is the least one could expect from a product. Apart from the iPod, it also plays audio from a variety of jan 21, 2014 - ????: amor prozac curiosidad y dudas online illegal buy prozac online can you buy prozac in thailand prozac no prescription online devices, which can integrate with its in-built wireless system, such as desktop computers, satellite radio, or any other Mp3 player.

Beosound 8 iPhone/iPad dock

Price: $1,000

Beosound which is known for its ultra-sleek and futuristic designs, created the Beosound 8 iPod dock, which can easily integrate with other products of the company such as the iPad and iPhone. With integrated docking port, there is the wi-fi technology that can stream your audio content without any hindrances in between devices. With the integrated buy zoloft online from north drug store. low prices guaranteed. cabinet speakers, it makes for greater utility and some awesome looks to go with, and if opted for, could be yours in either black or white which are both the classic favorites as colors.

Modern Times docking station

Price: N.A

Inspired by the Charlie Chaplin classic movie ‘Moden Times’, where he is shown to be struggling in a fast paced factory environment, this docking station wasn’t really a loner of a docking station. It also included the Ash paraffin lamp, Instant table clocks and also the Pulse MP3 docking station cum player. On the outset, it came more as an art piece, which sharp geometrical shapes, but a very aesthetically appealing shiny blackened buy generic dapoxetine online discounts. men's health. discount system, anti- fungus, patches new. finish on the skin. What is also striking about the design is that, the whole set joined together, is supported on a common platform which only has a single stick leg as the base.

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