Most expensive license car plates
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Most expensive license car plates

Most expensive license car plates

Whoever ever bought or looked into buying a personalized number plates for their luxury cars, know that prices vary from a few hundred dollars to multi-thousands or more, depending on the kinds of digits one wants. In the world of most expensive license car plates, Abu Dhabi considerably dominates with examples like the license plate No. 1 got sold for $14.3 million at Abu Dhabi auction, besides the world’s online canadian pharmacy store! prednisone cost without insurance walmart. free delivery, can i buy prednisone online. third most expensive license plate sold for $4.6 million and the second most expensive that fetched 6.86 million in Abu Dhabi. These license plates worth of million dollars not only make an ultra-expensive car more exclusive and expensive, but it also delivers a unique status to its owner. And, it’s not just celebs or Sultans of Middle East, who splash out hefty amounts to get their hands on the expensive license plates; also a Malaysian Minister Liow Tiong Lai minister stumbled over $7,600 car plate with number 'WWW 15' recently, while the Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Iskandar paid $163,120 to own number plate 'WWW 1'.

Most expensive license car plates

Car-crazy Gulf cities hold posh license plate numbers in high esteem, and having fewer digits adds to its owners personal wealth, raising worth over ten times the value of the cars they are put on. As expensive cars and accessories are a status symbol among wealthy Emirati people; around 37 of the world's 50 most expensive number plates are believed to have been bought by buyers from Abu Dhabi alone. Auction house Emirates behind some of these most expensive license plates says, the value of most expensive cars will decrease, but the license plates will not depriciate.

Covering most of the license plates that got sold for hefty prices, here we have compiled a list of some of the most expensive license plates ever sold. buy doxycycline 500mg . cheap zolpidem 12.5 mg · ambien prescription buy · buy phentermine · purchase adipex from an online pharmacy · dangers of buying  Take a look:-

1). License car plate: No. 1

Country: Abu Dhabi

Year of Sale: 2008

Price: 14.3 million

License car plate: No. 1

Not made of solid gold or encrusted with real diamonds; just an ordinary aluminum plate which comes with a swagger of being labeled as No. ‘1’, got sold for an astounding $14.3 million. An affluent businessman named Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri bought this license plate at the 7-star Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. “I bought it because I want to be the best in the world,” said Saeed Khouri, a member of a wealthy Abu Dhabi family.

2). License car plate: No. 5

Country: Abu Dhabi

Year of Sale: 2008

Price: $6.88 million

License car plate: No. 5

A single-digit car registration plate was auctioned off for over $6.8 million in Abu Dhabi, the oil rich capital of the United Arab Emirates. The plate was bought by ceftin uses acquire ceftin affluent businessman named Talal Ali Mohammad Khouri, with the proceeds going to charitable projects for people with special needs. Khouri has plans to keep this license plate until he dies, and after that would like to sell it off for a higher price, for which the proceeds will also go for charitable purposes.

3). License car plate: No. 7

Country: Abu Dhabi

Year of Sale: 2008

Price: $4.6 million

License car plate: No. 7

A plate bearing solely the digit ‘7’ was sold for $4.6 million, in a government auction, in Abu Dhabi.

4). License car plate: No. 9

Country: Abu Dhabi

Year of Sale: 2008

Price: $4.19 million

License car plate: No. 9

An unnamed Abu Dhabi businessman purchased the license plate No. 9 for $4.19 million at an auction in the emirate. The number 9, the fifth single digit number in buy Baclofen online category 5 from Abu Dhabi police has entered the club of most expensive plates in the world.

5). License car plate: Facebk

Year of Sale: 2012

Price: $1.2 million

Personalised buy baclofen | purchase baclofen | cheap baclofen | order baclofen enter here>>>http:// order baclofen .php Victorian number plate ‘Facebk’, resembling the name of the world’s largest social media website, was put on the internet market for $1.2 million by its owner, a Ballarat based web developer Tai Tran.

6). License car plate: F 1

Year of Sale: 2008

Country: United Kingdom

Price: $870,000

License car plate: F 1

Not sold in Abu Dhabi; this car plate with ‘F 1’ number broke the old price record for a order Combivent UK number plate. Registered to the Essex council since 1904, the plate was bought by businessman and keen Formula 1 Afzal Kahn in an Essex county council auction. The buyer runs a car conversion firm and exhilarated to have such a prestigious plate. It's actually a 104 years-old registration number, and was previously on a Volvo S80 used by the council chairman. Earlier, the record was held by an ‘M’ plate that got sold for $656,000.

License car plate: F 1

7). License car plate: No. 6

Country: United States

Year of Sale: 2008

Price: $675k

License car plate: No. 6

Admittedly prepared to spend a million dollar, a rich motorist named Frank Vassallo IV of Wilmington, Delaware dropped and buy Valtrex enormous amount of $675k at an auction to get his hand on the license plate number 6. Buying low-digit license plates is the part of Vassallo’s family, as his family already owns Delaware plates 9, for which they reportedly paid $185,000 at an auction held in year 1993, and number plate 27.

8). License car plate: AC6688

Year of Sale: 2006

Country: China

Price: $$10,000

License car plate: AC6688

A young businessman named Ding walked away as a happy winner after winning the license plate AC6688 at a government auction inside a dingy gymnasium. No other country is more bonkers over cars than China, but the car is not always enough for those dapoxetine bangladesh jual dapoxetine dapoxetine online who aspire much more. A license plate has become almost as much of a status symbol as the car in China also.

When owning million dollar cars just doesn't cut it, the filthy rich auto enthusiasts don't mind spending moolah to up their status; from luxury car accessories to most expensive car keys, most expensive diamond wheel, and most expensive knob.

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