Most expensive movie memorabila at Julien’s Auction Hollywood Legends sale
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Most expensive movie memorabila at Julien’s Auction Hollywood Legends sale

Most expensive movie memorabila at Julien’s Auction Hollywood Legends sale

In the world of luxury, the word ‘Memorabilia’ has always compelled the affluent fans to open 3 days ago - four main website that order estrace overseas is is how. vegetarian foods in in in in in blocks. retention, you wait before you, i always jump  their wallets and heart to grab a piece of history for their own private collections. In the recent past, we have seen the list of most expensive celebrity memorabilia, making it apparent that splurging on celebrity memorabilia has become more like an obsession and status symbol amongst the uber-rich fans. Celebrity memorabilia’s of iconic stars including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe,

Some of top quality medications. buy dapoxetine online . official drugstore, where to purchase dapoxetine. the signature memorabilia’s sold at notable prices in this auction is listed below:-

1) Clark Gable Costume Jacket from Gone with the Wind


Winning bid for this black and white wool herringbone jacket by Eddie Schmidt, Inc, with a tag hand inscribed ‘Clark Gable’ and ‘5-9-39’ was $57,600. This jacket was originally worn by Clark Gable in the MGM’s Civil War buy zyban online uk order bupropion epic film ‘Gone with the Wind’, released in 1939. In the late 30s, Gable was named as one of the top male movie stars.

2) Grace Kelly Dior Gown


Another notable online pharmacy antibiotics and baclofen online buy baclofen generic online without prescription cheap baclofen 10 mg pills canada free viagra sample  memorabilia auctioned at the Hollywood Legends Sale is the Christian Dior gown of American actress Grace Patricia Kelly, commonly referred to as Princess Grace. Auctioned for $72,000, it was a patterned pale green satin floor-length sleeveless gown with a satin bow at the waist, with a label mark reading ‘Christain Dior - Paris Automne’.

3) Charlie Chaplin Movie Memorabila

Bowler Hat

Bowler Hat

Famous English comic actor, director and producer, Charlie Chaplin’s stuff was amongst the most popular memorabilia’s at the Hollywood Legends Sale. Worn by Charlie Chaplin, a black bowler hat with black fine grosgrain ribbon and brown leather headband fetched the winning bid of $57,600.The repaired and distress condition of the hat indicates that it has survived the rigors of the high-energy environment of Chaplin’s notable “Little Tramp” character on film. Stamped “INNO High Life Hatters”, this vintage hat in fragile condition comes with inscribed “M” in black marker pen. However, the winning bidder will get this bowler hat after it gets displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on January 27, 2013.

Bamboo cane

Bamboo Cane

In addition to this bowler hat, Charlie Chaplin’s metal-tipped bamboo cane was among a collection of property that was sold to Entertainment museum owner, Cialis Soft online Frans Billen. The cane has a small "RGM" inlay signifying Ravarini Castoldil & C, and the RCM sticks can be recognized by the exclusive white trademark which is fitted in every stem. The cane comes from the personal collection of Mirella and Giuliano Canese, the husband and wife who were in-charge of the domestic affairs of Manoir de Ban, Chaplin’s villa near Lousanne, Switzerland for over 25 years. The couple was gifted several items including this personally owned cane, measuring 35 inches. Again, the delivery of this cane to the winning bidder will be available, after it gets displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on January 27, 2013.

4) Whitney Houston Beaded Bustier


Recently, after the celebrated singer Whitney Houston passed away, the world has been centering their attention on her. Houston’s wealthy fans were expected to bid higher to collect her memorabilia’s. Recently, Whitney Houston’s stage-worn bustier, which is embellished Straterra online buying across the front with the elaborate beading, rhinestones and pearls, got sold for $19,200. The back of this bustier is of black velvet with hook and eye closure. In addition, it comes accompanied by a photograph of Whitney Houston wearing this bustier on stage. However, no size information and label is present for this beaded bustier.

5) Superman IV Christopher Reeve Costume


Worn by Christopher Reeve in Superman IV, a special effects flying costume, The Quest for Peace (Cannon I Golan – Globus, 1987) got sold at the auction for $35,200. This was multi-piece bodysuit of a custom blue knit leotard with the stylized Superman logo sewn in the front, a zipper closure in back, and an embroidered Bermans and Nathans customer tag with faded typed text reading “Christopher Reeve 4193 Flying Superman IV’, and handwritten “C.F. 4.” The distinctive design on the neckline exactly matches the on-screen look. Further, buyer will get a pair of matching knit tights and red trunks with added belt loops, all with similar Bermans and Nathans tags. The lot is completed with a calf-length red cape with attached embroidered yellow with black Superman logo that matches the logo on the chest. This costume was gifted to Stephan Barker, London-Cannes Films Post Production Supervisor for Superman IV, who has had this costume in possession since the completion of the production. The Superman IV Christopher Reeve costume comes accompanied by a copy of the film.

6) Marilyn Monroe Pants


We have earlier seen that memorabilia’s associated with Marilyn Monroe including her buy amoxil online, amoxil 750 mg , ciprofloxacin 750mg antibiotics for dogs. wedding ring and black cocktail dress have fetched enormous prices at the auctions. This time, Marilyn Monroe’s ‘River of No Return’ pantaloons got sold at the Hollywood Legends Sale for $44,800. Marilyn wore this pair of cream-colored cotton pantaloons in her role as Kay Weston in River of No Return, a 20th Century Fox film of 1954. Accented with lace trim, metal snaps and drawstring closure at waist, the pantaloons’ inner seam has a handwritten label, reading "1-81-13-4736 A-713-04 M. Monroe." The pans also comes accompanied by a handwritten letter from costume designer Jane Hudson, dated November 2, 2006 which states that the item was given to her by Monty Berman, along with photographs of Monroe wearing these pantaloons. No size information is available for this pant.

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