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Most expensive nail art designs for the rich fashionistas

Andrea Divirgilio / July 29, 2011

Most expensive nail art

Fashion is a part of everyone’s life, whether you believe it or not. Adding to this, put your eye on the next set of most expensive nail embellishments. When it comes to your favorite icons, you would want to know what celebrities and royals decorate their fingers with. From nail rings to gold nail paints to the most expensive manicure services in the world, rich fashionistas do it all. Make your nails do the talking for you this time. Every woman likes to have their nails decorated with classiest to the weirdest of nail art, and hence we have compiled a list of such amazing nail embellishments below:

1. Gold Rush nail paint

Most expensive nail art

Price: $130,000

If you think what is so amazing about this golden nail polish, then you must know that this is not an ordinary golden nail paint as it is actually made of gold. Not just gold, the nail polish’s lid hosts 1,118 diamonds that makes it extremely expensive as it costs $130,000.

2. The Bijules nail ring for Beyonce

Most expensive nail art

Price: $8,000

When we talk about the most expensive jewelry or make-up, celebrities are one inseparable part of that list. It goes same for this list too; recently Beyonce was spotted adorning a set of gold embellished nail rings. She did this special embellishment for her recent video ‘Sweet Dreams’. Original white stones are set in 18 carat gold nail rings for her video and that were specially customized by Bijules costing $8000.

3. Gold metallic nails

Most expensive nail art

Price: $ 200

This gold-metallic nail is more like a stick on. All you have to do is just stick it once and forget the trouble of waiting in parlors for hours. These gold nails look very original and application lasts up to 2 days. Once you get bored, soak your hands in warm water and remove it.

4. Snake nail ring

Most expensive nail art

Price: NA

If you are a lover of funky jewelry mixed with a bit of luxury, then this is an ideal piece for you to adorn. This snake nail art is one of the most popular pieces of jewel that the celebs like to pair with. Made of 18 carat gold, this snake is intricately carved by Bijules, one of the best nail ring makers.

5. Gold Fingernail

Most expensive nail art

Price: $50

This real 18 carat gold finish adds layers to any manicure or nail extension to give a gold look. This glittering gold nail comes to you with a bottle of adhesive that is safe for your skin. All you have to do is hold that for 30 seconds and get amazingly scintillating nails that will make you the center of attraction. The gold nail comes with a guarantee of not getting dull and not to tarnish ever with period of time.

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