Most Expensive Rental in New York City: Waldorf Astoria at $135K a Month
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Most Expensive Rental in New York City: Waldorf Astoria at $135K a Month

Most Expensive Rental in New York City: Waldorf Astoria at $135K a Month

Waldrof Astoria Mansion

Even though the real estate market in the United States has taken a hit, there are a few zones within the country that always seem to have a premium pricing attached to themselves, one of them being New York. Like the Upper East side mansion we should you a little while back, there is the apartment in the Waldrof Astoria tower on 50th East Street, which commands a rental price of $135,000 a month, making it the most expensive rental in the city. The allied services and premium quality of the apartment, also the premium location, would actually justify the expense incurred here.


100 East 50th Street Midtown

Setting & Location

Located in one of the prime centers of the city, East Street, this apartment has the most premium of the allied amenities, as well as the richness of quality construction. The entry gallery is a unique rotunda with premium French artwork and chandeliers, and the doors connecting to the 8 other rooms are also of French designs. Other rooms include the dining room, living room, bedrooms including bathrooms and a master suite, kitchen and pantry. The dining room which can house 10 to 12 guests at the dining table uses some of the premium quality of furniture and décor as well, hence is a more of a formal space.

The master suite uses marble for its flooring, even in the bathroom, which has a separate space for boudoir closets to house the owners clothing and accessories. The view from this room also matches the grandeur of its size and facilities.

The kitchen and panty are fully equipped with all modern equipment, so that the chef can prepare meals for up to 50 guests at a time. Beside the kitchen is maid’s room which is currently used a fitness room, but can be changed if needed be. For guests to feel well-treated there is a special powder room as well.


Total of 8 rooms, with 3 bedrooms, 3 en-suite bath rooms, and also a half bathroom. Other rooms are the kitchen and panty, living room, formal dining room, maid’s room, and even a guest powder room as mentioned before.

Waldrof Astoria Mansion


All the residents in the Astoria Towers get access to the special private facilities which include individual doormen, security, private entrances, reception and concierge services, and even access to the Astoria Lounge and Spa. Also to ensure personalized services, there are chefs who will prepare gourmet meals as per guest demands. Pets are allowed in too.


$135,000 per month


Ms. Margaret H Bay

Brown Harris Stevens Realtors


Via: BHUSA/ Street Easy

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