Most expensive Rolls Royce Phantom in solid gold sold for $8.2M
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Most expensive Rolls Royce Phantom in solid gold sold for $8.2M

Most expensive Rolls Royce Phantom in solid gold sold for $8.2M

Rolls Royce Phantom Gold

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The Rolls Royce Phantom which is a chosen luxury amongst the rich and famous, has undergone many customizations over the years which have grabbed eyeballs for their unique features. We covered some unique buy albuterol versions, such as the Bijan Pakzad yellow Phantom coupe, and the Arizona top version of the Phantom which was bestowed with extra luxurious features. Now entering that elite list, is the gold embalmed version of the Rolls Royce Phantom, which has been bought forward by Stuart Hughes, who gave Victoria Beckham her Gold iPhone, and the displayed the super luxurious Gold super-yacht.

This exclusive customized version of the car which is already known by some as the most luxurious in the world, has been given some further additions. The vehicle carries a total of 120 kg of buy Accutane online order baclofen online with no prescription! baclofen sales in you can buy baclofen online at greatly discounted prices - click here! baclofen australia cost 18K gold in different parts such as the front grill, side trims, boot handle, wheels, etc. Since the demand of the buyer was something safe along with being special, the car has been fully armored with protection for machine guns and ballistic missiles with certifications from the Gouvernement Beschussant Muchen, which tested the car’s security features. Also, some of the gold which was used in the interiors was done by first creating moulds of the components, and then applying the malleable precious metal to decorate them. For the outside, golden veneers were created for the bejewelment of this super car.

As mentioned earlier, this version of the car is an exclusive made to order piece for a businessman in the gulf buy strattera baclofen mg, cheap lioresal, buy cheap baclofen , lioresal mg, purchase baclofen , although the great koch has told us recently that he has lioresal price who had to wait close to 18 months for it to be completed. This Golden Phantom happens to be the most expensive version of the car costing more than $8.2 million to its buyer. This looks appealing to the eyes but one might need to spend some more on this car just to keep it secure as the gold trimmings would certainly grab eye-balls from all corners!

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Via: Stuart Hughes/ Eurocash

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