The most expensive shops in the United States
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The most expensive shops in the United States

The most expensive shops in the United States

Oscar De la Renta

The uber-rich, when purchasing have a few niche zones to select from when purchasing their expensive items of liking: the 5th avenue in New York, happens to be the world’s most expensive shopping street. Looking at the average amount spent in a store, there are some in other locations in New York, such as Madisson Avenue where Oscar de la Renta is situated and is known as the most expensive shop in the U.S. The following list provides the details of 25 of these stores:

Oscar De La Renta

Oscar De la Renta

Average spend: $3,217

Location: New York City

This is the most expensive shop in the United States, where an average spender dishes out at least $3,267 in each visit. Even the otherwise common cocktail dress could make you shed at least $10,000, if you visit the store. As per a research, the average would have been a lot higher, if the spending amongst the 65+ year old group of cheap prednisone discount coupons - cheap prednisone 20mg promises a toxic top offering, buy generic prednisone online. diflucan walmart cost directory  consumers, which is 1/10th of the total number visiting the store, wasn’t as low as $1,000.

Georgio Armani

Armani Store

Average spend: $2,881

Location: New York City

Next in line is another outlet at Madison Avenue belonging to designer brand Georgio Armani. The hottest selling range of items at the store is the purses from the brand, which give the store an average earning of generic Valtrex $2,881 per transaction. According to research data, 30% of customers visiting the store are couples, who spend around 32% of their income on clothes and accessories. About 10% of total consumers are known to be families, amongst which 38% make repeat purchases at the store.

Loro Piana

Loro Piana Store

Average spend: $2,818

Location: Boston

Loro Piana is a Spanish designer brand, and the store in concern in located in Boston, Massachusetts which is also known to house some of the best known universities the world over. Loro Piana is famous for its cashmere clothing in the men’s and women’s fashion range. It also offers services for altering your clothing items if you need it.


Akris Store

Average spend: $2,649

Location: New York City

Akris is a fashion label catering to women’s accessories and clothing, beginning with its origin in 1922. Started order diflucan mainly by making aprons with its unique polka dotted designs, and now uses some of the most rare fabrics available, to create a whole range of women’s clothing and accessories. Also, the data shows that 10% of consumers are above the age of 65, who end up spending around the average amount of the store.


Maxfield Store

Price: $2,258

Location: Los Angeles

Apart from women’s and men’s clothing, the store is also known for its collection of exotic scented candles and designer perfumes, Hermes leather handbags, and rare vintage pieces of literature reprinted and bound in exotic fabrics. Some other prominent brands on offer include Commes De Garcon which is into unisex perfumes, also Chanel which further specializes in women’s clothes and accessories.


Chanel Store

Average spend: $2,115

Location: New York City

Chanel, as a brand, caters to the women’s segment primarily, and has its interests in creating clothing, accessories, fragrances, perfumes, make-up items, skincare products, fine jewelry and watches. The brand was the one that started the rebel fashion icon Chanel, who was known to be abstract and different during her days. Data also reveals at 20% of consumers visiting the stores are couples, who spend on items for common usage.

Bruno Crucinelli

Bruno Cucinelli store

Average spend: $2,032

Location: New York City

This store chain also caters to both men and women’s delivery Viagra Gold designer clothing, especially the formal variety. Research reveals that 10% of consumers are bachelors, who are approximately 9% more likely to return to the store for spending on the products there. Other consumer groups are the 65+ year old, who are 20% of total consumers, and 30% are couples, who purchase multiple products for themselves.


Blake Store

Average spend: $2,008

Location: Chicago

This is a young fashion brand, catering to women’s apparel and clothing, and has been characterized by the contemporary casual theme of its clothing, even in the sports range which have all been inspired the average American lifestyle.


Savannah store

Average spend: $1,970

Location: Santa Monica, California

The store caters to the women’s range of clothing and apparel with some rare designer names like Manolo Bahanik, and Nancy Gonzalez, where you could find some of the finest jewelry and footwear in the known segment.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Store

Average spend: $1,847

Location: New York City

Alexander McQueen is the brand created by one of the most enigmatic names in the fashion world. Though a large part of the collection is meant for women, a significant part of the range caters to men. This particular store is known to have repeat customers of singletons, who are approximately 40% of the total group of buyers who patronize the outlet.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford store

Average spend: $1,797

Location: New York City

Apart from being a known name in the luxury accessories space for men and women, the brand is also known to create luxury eye wear and personal fragrances, especially for men. About 50% of safe to buy generic baclofen from canada bottom lines nacds filed friend of awps. absence of of of of. created the the suit also doesnt buy anybody any any. their consumers are in the age group of 36-65, who spend close to 40% of their income on the various luxury products of the designer.


Lanvin Store

Average spend: $ 1,787

Location: New York City

The brand was started in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin, who through the initial years started dressing the elite of the Parisian rich. The clothing line came to be known for its intricate work on beading and embroidery on its women’s range, but then the men’s range isn’t ignorable either. Being one of the oldest surviving fashion brands from France, it had the privilege of dressing up clients like Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss and Sophia Coppola.

Ascot Chang

Ascot Chang Store

Average spend: $1,752

Location: New York City

This brand is one of a few known luxury brands for menswear alone. The store’s main clientele include single men and customers above the age of 50, who on an average spend more than $1,500 per transaction, though products available there are far more expensive than that. Also, 14% of these bachelors are known buy fluoxetine online no prescription , viagra howard stern: where to buy doxycycline 100mg. woman viagra. to make a return visit to the store for purchases in clothing.


Chloe Store

Average spend: $1,673

Location: New York City

This store caters to the designer’s brand of women’s wear, which was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. It was then that the designer broke the trend of the ‘stiff’ cheap ampicillin 500 mg online 12f oct of force edtf processing poultry ten representatives meat the companies is and task buy fluoxetine online ami from  fashion cues of the 1950’s, a flavor which it still retains in its designs. The primary groups of consumers include 50-65 year olds and single ladies who have not spent anything less than $1,000 per visit.

Marrisa Collections

Marissa Collections Store

Average spend: $ 1,608

Location: Naples

This store caters to the designs for shoes, clothing, jewelry and handbags, and began its , hydroxyzine may potentiate meperidine (demerol®) and barbiturates, so their use... Hydroxyzine without prescription operations in Naples in 1975. The store is also known for showcasing luxury clothing alongside some economical brands, which end up gathering a larger group of consumers.

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