An extraordinary Medieval Castle in Italy goes on sale at Sotheby’s

Andrea Divirgilio / August 31, 2011

Medieval castle in Italy for sale

List Price: $65,321,527

The property: Italy has some of the most beautiful castles of yesteryear and one such palace is Medieval Castle of Italy that is up for sale by Sotheby’s, the world’s fourth biggest auction house. The Medieval Castle which was built around 9th and 14th century has a spectacular courtyard with fountains and historic walls. The castle was owned by different royal families such as the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I, King Arduino and the Savoia.

After all the reigns ended in 1800, the castle was artistically restored by the renowned architect Alfredo D’ Andrade. After intense work of restoration in 1992, the castle regained its majestically royal looks.

Physical Address: Piemonte Torino, PI 10018 Italy

The setting: The castle that sits at the huge area of 3700 sqm / 39826 sq ft is undoubtedly Italy’s most beautiful palace and is considered one of the most unique monuments. It has a garden that has a capacity of accommodating around 300 guests. It is located beside a beautiful Romanic chapel that was built in 850 A.C. This huge monument consists of 30 grand bedrooms and 47 bathrooms and all the bedrooms have a beautiful view of the park. There is also a helipad inside this monument.

Contacts: Rome Sotheby’s International Realty

Via: Sotheby’s

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