F1Showcar Motion Simulator: Live the race day as a winner

Andrea Divirgilio / July 24, 2009

f1showcar motion simulator
F1 seems to be the new hot source of inspiration for designers nowadays. Yesterday we covered the Unique Autosports pool table and McLarenSport & Samsonite travel bag collection, both rooted in autos in one way or the other, and today we are here with a motion simulator that also touts the embellished F1 connection. Called the “F1Showcar Motion Simulator,” the car simulator is built on a motion platform pneumatic system that can easily accommodate a 190 cm tall 90 kg heavy driver with ease. Featuring the 2009 full size F1Showcar chassis and fiberglass composite bodywork, together with Formula 1 shape racing seat & harness and F1 tires Dirigible & turning wheels, the $44,990 motion simulator also flaunts carbon fiber wishbones and a 19’’ LCD TV screen, giving an exquisite experience of the F1 racing car to the rider within.

f1showcar motion simulator 2
f1showcar motion simulator 4
f1showcar motion simulator 1
f1showcar motion simulator 5
f1showcar motion simulator 3

Via: F1Showcar

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