Fab Punches: The LV Luxury Punching Bag
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Fab Punches: The LV Luxury Punching Bag

Fab Punches: The LV Luxury Punching Bag

Karl Lagerfield Steps into the Ring With Luxury Punching Bag

Boxing has “The Sweet Science” as its creative moniker for ages. But can the sport be also known as “The Expensive Science” once socialite and fashion designer extraordinaire Karl Lagerfield dips his feet into the ring?

One of the strangest news that hit the fashion industry headlines recently is that Karl Lagerfield had designed- out of all things- a punching bag for Louis Vuitton. As part of the brand’s Celebrating Monogram project and its 118th year anniversary, the limited edition punching bag comes aptly decorated with the distinctive Louis Vuitton monograms. It is made out of sturdy leather canvas with all of the iconic details that Louis Vuitton is famous for- aged leather corners, cowhide-leather trim, brass hardware, and embossing.

But what good is a luxury punching bag if you don’t have any boxing gear to match it with? Thankfully, buyers also get a pair of boxing gloves, a mat, and a travelling trunk with stand where the punching bag and gear can be stashed in. It’s a complete boxing package. The trunk, with its spacious interiors and stylish design, can also double as a trendy travel closet should one get tired of boxing their frustrations out on the LV punching bag.

A $175,000 Louis Vuitton Punching Bag!

The New York Times magazine had estimated that the whole luxury boxing set is worth somewhere around $175,000. But the official Louis Vuitton site states that it is “Price Upon Request.” Knowing Lagerfield’s penchant for high priced things, this initial estimate can be way off the mark. The whole price for the set may be much, much, higher. Other items in the Celebrating Monogram project also come with ridiculous price tags, such as Frank Gehry’s $4400 Twisted Box (a “sculptural” handbag) and Christian Loubotin’s $23000 shopping trolley. It is therefore not that farfetched to assume that the Louis Vuitton might also command a high price.

“Why so expensive?” you might ask. Well, first off, you got two luxurious names- Karl Lagerfield and Louis Vuitton- in one product. The fact that this punching bag is limited edition, with only 25 of them being manufactured, also jacks up the price to skyhigh levels.

The blurring of the worlds between luxury fashion and sports has been going on for some time now though, so this Louis Vuitton luxury punching bag doesn’t come that much of a surprise. Another designer, Alexander Wang, has also designed boxing gloves for H&M and a yoga mat. Trina Turk, Tory Burch, and Betsey Johnson has also dabbled into designing athletic apparel. Plus with the increasing popularity of boxing as a workout routine for models in the fashion industry, luxury boxing gear is something that we can expect to see more of in the future.

So, practice your 1-2 combo on this punching bag and look fabulous while you’re at it. The idea that you’re punching away on a $175,00 product might take a lot of power from your punches though. While normal weekend warriors might not really have that much to do with a luxury punching bag, we can see professional boxers like Floyd Mayweather going for this sort of thing.

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