Faber-Castell 2012 Pen of the Year gets the ‘Midas’ touch
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Faber-Castell 2012 Pen of the Year gets the ‘Midas’ touch

Faber-Castell 2012 Pen of the Year gets the ‘Midas’ touch

In age when iPads, iPhones, and other such smart devices rule the roost, when it comes to communication, the good old fine penmanship is slowly drawing its curtains over itself. The trend of writing hands seems to have the curtains drawn over it, as the task is now wholly electronic. But for collectors and some niche writings enthusiasts, there is nothing that can replace the traditional writing instrument. Faber Castell, one of those who still make the premium of them all, has previously shown us the most expensive pencil, and also the special edition Pen of the year 2010, now has bought in the 2012 Pen of the year which has been lent quiet the Midas touch. Made with exotic fabrics like wetland Oakwood, and plated with 24K gold leaves, there lies a chessboard like crafted citrine gemstone in the cap. Perhaps this is the reason it retails for $4,695, and only 1,500 will ever be made.Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2012

Till date, we have found the use of exotic and rather rare fabrication in vehicle parts, luxury watches, buying Viagra online and jewelry. But for the very rare instance, it has now come to the now diminishing segment of luxury pens, whose collectors still are just as discerning as everyone else. The Oakwood which we earlier spoke about is known to have undergone natural seasoning for close to 1,700 years in German bogs and marshes. After all these years, it has been found and used for crafting the central body of a pen like this, which can be called nothing short of a gem in it.

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After noticing the obvious natural finishing of the body, one would then notice the generous amount of gold that has been used on the body. Using 24K yellow leaves, each instrument gets finished in a handcrafted coating of the precious metal, cheap Phenergan and that too in a way which goes back to the Christian churches early days. This time noted church painter Ernst D. Feldmann, has used the ancient technique of combining resin with gold and then painted each body of these pens.

Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2012

The generous use of the metal isn’t about coming to an end here. The metallic parts, that are the dual toned nib, the top end of the cap, and the rear end of the pen, have all been plated order Orlistat with 24K gold, other than being intricately engraved. No wonder, it comes with a certificate personally signed by Mr. Feldmann, whose idea it was to decorate the pen with the citrine gemstone on the cap. And for those worried about different sizes of the pen, there are 3 varieties including the M, B, and F, which vary in width and thickness of writing. The packaging for the instrument is equally beautiful too. Deep black, and made with similar grade of Oakwood, there are removable glass trays so that one can show it off in ‘ala grande’ fashion.

Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2012 packaging

Via: Faber Castell/ FPGeeks

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