Fendi baby stroller for a fashionable start to a luxury lifestyle

Andrea Divirgilio / December 19, 2011

Christmas is just a week away and if it’s the first Christmas for your new born then Fendi in collaboration with luxury baby items manufacturer Inglesina has something to make it special. After Fendi’s collaboration with Simonetta, famous children brand, this is the second time the luxury brand has teamed up to launch luxury baby accessories. Fendi-Inglesina , which includes a stroller, a pram and a baby carrier targets the affluent parents.

Fendi baby stroller for a fashionale start to a luxury lifestyle

Every item is decked in elegant shades of cream and mahogany and is made of best quality material. The line will be sold in selected stores worldwide. CEO of Inglesina Ivan Tomasi said “The project was supervised directly by Silvia Venturini Fendi, who wanted to oversee all phases of product development. It was really fun to work closely with her. It is a project that has been lived with enthusiasm by both parties, since we share the same values: tradition, craftsmanship and Italian. This is the beginning of a journey, we started with the products that we hope can be implemented and revisited with new projects.”

The craze of expensive baby items is catching up with the celebs too as recently, famous footballer Wayne Rooney’s son was spotted sitting on a Bentley car seat. And, we have also told you about the most expensive baby items for rich toddlers topped by the 24-karat gold horse which costs $1.28 million by Ginza Tanaka. Fendi’s luxury baby accessories range serves the welathy parents in the best ways possible and what a perfect timing, Christmas is here.

Via: Fashion Times

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