Ferragamo launches limited edition collectibles at its family-owned Lungarno Collection hotel in Ita
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Ferragamo launches limited edition collectibles at its family-owned Lungarno Collection hotel in Ita

Ferragamo launches limited edition collectibles at its family-owned Lungarno Collection hotel in Ita

Ferragamo Collectibles

The luxurious suites, swan yachts or swish private villas apart, visitors to Lungarno properties, have something new to look forward to. The celebrated Italian hospitality chain, owned partly by the Ferragamo family, is stepping up their branded and quality offerings with a new collection named Ferragamo creations. The limited edition version includes bespoke pieces meant originally for use by celebrities. From ballet flats created for Audrey Hepburn to court shoes flaunted by Marilyn Monroe- name it and the collection has it all.

Where luxury and adventure go hand in hand

Lungarno collection is an Italian hospitality company that offers a diverse portfolio of design and luxury hotels, retreats and villas, all owned by the Ferragamo family. Every property is unique in its own little way, drawing inspiration primarily from the location. A majority of these properties are dotted along the picturesque Arno River in Tuscan country, Florence and Rome. Steeped in rich culture, history and style, the company is dedicated towards creating personal experiences highlighted by attentive service, elegance and striking designs.

Hotel Lungarno

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To make things all the more interesting, Lungarno, therefore, presents their guests with the newest shopping opportunity. However, if you wish to add such collectibles to your bag or even so much as catch a glimpse of them, then you need to stay at the Lungarno property. The Lungarno creations are meant exclusively for their elite customers. If you take a Muscle Relaxant suite, then it invariably entitles you to a 10% percent discount on each and every item. And no, the range of excitements for suite occupiers doesn’t end with that. In addition to the discounted offers, Lungarno also provides you with a tour of the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo and the Florence based Via dei Tornabuoni boutique absolutely free of cost!

Lungarno Collections Expansion:-

Lungarno collection underwent a make over of sorts in the year 1995 when the group’s chairman, Leonard Ferragamo teamed with celebrated Italian architect Michele Bonan to re-fashion the Tuscan and Florentine designs- a trait which marks Lungarno properties everywhere. A visionary talent himself, Leonardo’s decision to revamp Lungarno collection resulted in a rich assortment of zoloft 100mg . buy high quality zoloft online! zoloft (generic sertraline ) is medication that is used to combat depression, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive  restaurants, hotels, meeting spaces, bars and of course, the Lugnarno details store, offering branded items from the Hotel’s stable. With these pieces, shoppers get the opportunity to recreate the hotel rooms at home using the limited edition bespoke items.

Bonan’s penchant for Florentine style is reflected in each and every corner of the Lungrano properties. Even the portrait suites in Rome’s high-fashion district express Bonan’s spectacular eye for all things Florentine!

If Lungarno creations embody a slice of the group’s history through the years, then the new lifestyle experiences the retreats and villas are infused with, exemplify its spirit- from rooftop yoga classes to rotating and dynamic exhibits at the GALLERY hotel art to romantic boat tours to new artisan bicycles to yachting- Lungarno has re-defined purchase discount medication! cheap prednisone no prescription . online drugstore, prednisone 10 mg tablet price. luxury in the most exquisite manner possible.

So the Cytotec online first thing to do, if you wish to taste Marilyn Monroe’s glittery, ruby-red pumps and the yoga classes or yacht retreats all at one go, is book a room. The newly designed website offers a sneak peek into Lungarno’s fresh brand identity. From the collection’s property listings to the recommended pursuits in Italy to special online promotions to details about Lungarno stores- all the information you need is right there, reflected on the website.

According to Valeriano Antonioli, the chain’s chief operating officer- the growth and direction of the Lungarno collection has left them thrilled. The new properties, amenities or services are meant to offer guests with a range of bespoke experiences that inherently represent the brand and all that it stands for. The Florentine style and culture, elivery. atarax reviews Order Natrexone however, rules the roost in the middle of everything, Antonioli further added.

So, buy baclofen (lioresal) without prescription. baclofen is used for treating severe muscle spasms due to a variety of causes, including multiple sclerosis or brain next time you head for Italy, be sure to book a room at a Lungarno property for the most scintillating time amidst luxury, nature, and of course a Marilyn Monroe collectible or a simple yet sassy Ferragamo bag!

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