Ferrari 348
Ferrari 348 | $ 121,400
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Ferrari 348

Ferrari 348

The Ferrari series of cars has received tremendous public appreciation despite the softening sales of other super cars. Ferrari has literally ruled 47-year of indubitable performance and magical marquee. The Ferrari 348 powered by Ferrari’s 3405cc was introduced in 1989. Placed at the price of $121,400, the car has been remodeled mechanically and is quicker than any other cars in the league. Also referred as “spider”, it has more efficient engine as compared to last year’s model of 3 liter and also comprises 12 more horsepower to the previous 312. As with the other cars in the league its name has been derived from its configuration, with the first two digits representing the displacement and the third one representing the number of engine cylinders.


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The interior of the car is luxury designed and sporty. The interiors include leather supportive seats, alloy gear shift gate etc. The front chair and dashboard have a sporty look in colors such as red and black. The steering is fairly light and turns where the driver dictates. As with the exterior design the interiors are set on the Ferrari’s tone. No space inside is wasted and the edges are beveled. The switch gear and electronic instruments are placed in the lower centre console coupled with buttons to control the climate inside.


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The design of the car is aerodynamically peculiar; the wind noise will seem more disturbing in moderate speed than at higher speed, with the top down. 348 has power seats and raising, lowering of the roof is fully automatic and generally it takes a push of one lever. Ferrari 348 has been manufactured in a variety of colors; although the most favorite shades among the users were Rosso Corsa (Racing Red) and Rosso (Red). The other colors include Argentite, Bianco (White), Giallo (yellow) etc. The Rossa Cosa color has been associated with Ferrari for a long period of time and has become the most recognizable color of the sports car series.

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