Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Ferrari 430 Scuderia | $ 283,000
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Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Ferrari 430 Scuderia is another high end sports car model launched from the house of Ferrari, the legendary Italian auto maker. The car was first unveiled in front of the public in Paris Motor Show in 2004. Sources from inside the company revealed it later that iconic F1 racing champion, Michael Schumacher spent quite a lot of time in the testing facility of Ferrari, when the Scuderia was in development stage. The motto behind this was to infuse racing characteristics in this road ready car. When the unmatched driving acumen of Schumacher goes into the development process of a car, you can only expect outstanding results.

This luxury toy is designed for those elite group of customers who prefer adrenaline rush in the body, with sheer driving pleasure. It kisses the tar with exclusively designed ‘Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 EMT’ tyres. Electronic suspension system, throttle response, transmission behavior etc are some other unique features of the car. Overall, the F430 is yet another driving beauty rolled out by the legendary automaker Ferrari.


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The interior of the car is also specially designed and built. Materials used to create inside detailing are specially chosen, to lower down the total weight of the car. In the central tunnel, heavy duty carbon fiber is used, to reduce weight. The same concept goes into the making of inside door panels too. The flooring of the car is finished with anti-slip aluminum sheets, which is another racing car character. A lot of body work remains exposed inside the car. The dashboard design embodies simplicity, but embraces a lot of sophistication. The carbon fiber instrument panel has a distinctive graphic design and it efficiently communicates the vital driving information.


The Ferrari 430 Scuderia is simply designed to deliver high performance at optimum speed. The custom built, carbon-ceramic brakes ensure that there’s no unwanted vibration even when the breaking system is pushed to the very limit. The limited slip active differential system is controlled by a computing system, to help the driver maintain full control over the car, even at top speed. The overall idea behind the making of the car is to provide unmatched luxury, stuffed in a high performance, high speed sports car.


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The exterior design of the car has kept in mind its racing intent. The large air intake vents in the front of the car are provided for increasing aerodynamic efficiency. They are pretty big in size and have a distinctive look, made up of high grade metallic grills. This major modification totally redefines the front look and helps in enhancing the front end down force. The lower sills help in generating an uniform downward pressure on the car, at high speed. The side vents have been given a new shape and design. Carbon fiber wing mirrors are a special characteristic of the car. There’s a unique grey colored shade on the front grille adds to its racing attitude.

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