Ferrari 456 GT
Ferrari 456 GT | $ 218,000
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Ferrari 456 GT

Ferrari 456 GT

The Ferrari 456 GT was a coupe model from the Italian automaker. It was front engined and the overall specifications made it a grand-tourer, a term used for those breed of cars which are suitable for long distance and treacherous endurance tours. The company introduced 456 GT in the year 1992 and it was in production till 2003. The intent behind introducing the car was to come up with a premium grade V-12, 4-seater, 2+2 car and replace the ageing 412 model. The car was first unveiled in front of public in an auto show held in Paris. It was presented as a classic, prestigious and luxurious sports car. The Pininfarina designed car instantly drew attention of the luxury car enthusiasts and was able to get very encouraging feedback from the critics. The Ferrari 456 GT is the combined result of aesthetic design work by Pininfarina and groundbreaking auto technology by Ferrari, the legendary Italian auto maker. It will be always considered one of the best coupes to run on road.


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The interior of the car gives a very soothing yet exciting feeling. The cabin is elegantly upholstered with fine Connolly leather works. The two door coupe has four seats inside. The front seats are attached with electronic adjustment system, which makes it slide a bit frontward, when the rear seats are to be accessed by the occupants. The overall space available inside the car is very intelligently and efficiently used. The rear seats offer adequate leg and head space for the occupants. The doors and windows are fitted with electronic mechanism. The Ferrari 456 GT is a perfect luxury coupe. It’s fitted with self adaptive rack-and-pinion steering system. For the musical pleasure of its riders, 456 have a robust 8-speaker audio system that runs with a CD player. The interior of the car is very efficiently air conditioned.



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The design work of this sports car was executed by automotive designer Lorenzo Ramciotti at Pininfarina, the famous Italian auto designing firm. The Ferrari 456 GT grand tourer had the body style of a coupe, with 2 doors. The body frame is made out of tubular steel. As far as the external dimension is concerned, the length, width and height of the car are 4730, 1920 and 1300 mm respectively. The wheelbase is about 2600 mm. 456 has some classic Ferrari exterior features, such as a frame less window glass, retracting headlamps, a descending roofline, a long hood etc. The exterior of the car was designed to fetch aerodynamic advantage at high speeds. The design work of 456 GT got such an overwhelming response from the car enthusiasts, that in its replacement model (456M GT), very minor changes were done in the re-designing process.

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