Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica
Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica | $ 287,000
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Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica

Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica

‘575 Super America’ brought the original glory of the Ferraris in the 60’s that was slightly submerged. Successor to the 550 Barchetta , the 575 brought about a revolution in innovation with its electric rotating roof patented by Fioravanti . Another first introduced by this super car of 2005 was the electro chromic roof technology of Saint Gobain. The elite glass sunroof had tints of five different intensities that could be controlled by the driver at the flick of a button. What is more the roof of the convertible could fold back in ten seconds turning it instantly into an open car. The word Retrochromico was coined to describe the unique glass sun roof. It was the fastest convertible reaching 200 mph easily. Only 559 cars were built and were priced at around $287020 in the year 2007.


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The beauty of the interior is that it is in no way diminished because of the hinged roof with ample leg space and storage areas in the passenger side. The two seats are amply covered with supple perforated tan leather with red stitches showing up decoratively and used throughout the cabin lining the doors and the dashboard. The instrument panel is made of carbon fiber. The speaker of the sound system is intelligently placed between the seats improving the audio quality


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Designed by Pininfarina, the body is built completely with carbon fiber. The long and low slung body has smooth lines built more in the shape of a boat with the surface being absolutely smooth from the front fender to the rear, unmarred by metal fixtures, dents or dimples except for twin air scoops in the sides and on the bonnet and side wings acting as a roll bar and giving it a sporty style. The sporty style is made more distinct with the 19" modular, five spoke wheels fitted with Bridgestone Potenza RE050 tires.The headlights are designed in a unique way set deeply in scoops looking much like eyes framed by eyelids. But the most innovative, stand alone feature is the Retrochromico sunroof with a tinted glass panel of one square meter that neatly rotates back into a cavity independent of the capacious boot area. The Ferrari emblem shines proudly on the smooth surfaces of the bonnet, side near the bonnet and the boot.

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