Ferrari 575M Maranello
Ferrari 575M Maranello | $ 23,500
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Ferrari 575M Maranello

Ferrari 575M Maranello

Named after the hometown of all Ferraris, the Ferrari 575M Maranello was a Grand Tourer produced by Ferrari between 2002 and 2006. The model’s name summed up its performance credentials with the 575 indicating the engine capacity of 5750cc and the letter M hinting that the model was a “Modified” version of the original Maranello. Featuring stunning looks and a luxurious interior, the Ferrari 575M Maranello was powered by a legendary V12 engine that offered comparable performance for two-thirds the price of a 360 Modena. The sports car revived the front-mounted V12 design and the two-door two-seat 575M Maranello was replaced in the first half of 2006 by the 599 GTB.


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The interior of the 575M Maranello carried the exquisite styling from Carrozzeria Scaglietti. Aimed at improving the driving experience, the model’s cabin comes with eight-way adjustable seats as well as customizable colors, track and racing options, bespoke equipment and styling. The style of the interior components, the door trims and the steering wheel complement the redesigned centre tunnel and dashboard. The sporty and functional interior of the 575M Maranello comes with automatically sealing windows that allow a smoother ride at 100mph+ speeds. Standard equipment on the model includes trunk-mounted CD changer, leather straps for golf bags in the large shelf behind the seats. Other goodies include sun radiation sensor-fitted automatic climate control, brightly colored analog gauge displays and a tilting/telescoping steering wheel. The model was offered with drivers aids such as electronic stability control and four-channel ABS.


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Designed by Pininfarina’s Lorenzo Ramciotti, the Ferrari 575M Maranello captures the look of the ultimate Gran Turismo automobile with high-tech luxury features both on the inside as well as on the outside. The 575M’s exterior comes with exquisite badges and Ferrari-spec markings like revised air intakes and xenon headlights though the Coupe retains most of the stylistic cues from its predecessor, the Ferrari 550 Maranello. The model also came with Z-rated tires wrapped around new 19-inch wheels while four-piston Brembo brakes helped the car’s running gear look as stylish as its pretty frame.

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