Ferrari 599 GTB

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Top Speed
125 (mph)

The Ferrari Fiona 599 GTB is a two door super sports car from the stables of Italian car maker Ferrari. The car is a Gran Turismo and was built using the Formula One platform and technology for optimum performance. This car was part of the line up which includes cars like the Ferrari 250 GT SWB and the F50. The Fiona 588 GTB is however the latest in the crew and hence the most advanced.


The Ferrari Fiona 599 GTB is powered by a powerful 4.5 L V8, which produces a respectable 562 hp @ 9,000 rpm and 540 Nm @5000 rpm. Around 80% of the torque is available @ 3,250 rpm, which gives the car a blazing acceleration at lower revs. The incorporated V8 engine holds the record for being the most powerful V8 in the world. The Fiona 599 GTB can do a 0 – 60 mph in less than 4 seconds and it does a 0 – 100 mph in 9.2 seconds flat. The top speed of the car is 193 mph and this makes it one of the fastest Ferraris ever.

At speeds higher than 186 mph, the rear and front wings of the Fiona 599 GTB automatically get lowered to propel the car forward and keep it grounded and reduce drag effects. Otherwise the front could take flight, leading to a major accident on the road. The engine of the 599 GTB is environment friendly and it switches off automatically when the car is stationary and restarts automatically when the car is about to move. The car gives considerable mileage and the transmission optimizes the shifting to provide a better performance.


The interior is made in typical Ferrari style, with loads of leather finishing and fancy electronics where ever possible. There are multiple LED devices and screens all over the dash board and the steering wheel mounted electronics controls are pretty handy to use. The automatic shift pedals sit neatly behind the steering wheel and there has been moderate use of carbon fiber and aluminum for the knobs, brake pedals, etc. There is however, not much space behind the front seats and hence the luggage has to be crammed in the rear seat. However, the performance of the vehicle makes up for its disadvantages in terms of space. The Ferrari Fiona 599 GTB comes with climate control, air conditioner, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, parking sensors, GPS tracker and smooth suspension for a better ride quality. Moreover, the carbon fiber parts make the car light and hence reduce vibrations at high speeds.


The exterior design of the Fiona 599 GTB is built for elegance combined with technology, typically Ferrari styled. The car has sleek lines and an aerodynamic design which helps the car propel it forward. The Fiona 599 GTB glides due to its design and the presence of the rear wing and the spoiler keeps the car grounded at high speeds. The front wings of the car lower at massive speeds and the down force produced by the car is a massive 140 kg at 125 mph. If it were not the wings, the front of the car would literally have taken flight.