Ferrari 599 GTO
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Ferrari 599 GTO

Ferrari 599 GTO

The road-going version of the extremely desirable 599XX has been touted as the fastest road-car ever. Manufactured as a collector's item, only 599 Ferrari GTO's have made it to the road. The entire car has been specially built for racing and is the crown jewel of cutting-edge technology. Being the fastest Ferrari and a limited-edition version, the car which has almost been built like a rocket dragster costs a whooping $ 1 million!


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In keeping with the racing legacy for which it has been built, the car features interiors which are not only sporty but extremely functional as well. There are two seats which arrive with the 3D technical fabric trim. The central console can be easily accessed by the driver and the adjustable steering wheel offers a firm grip. The air vents in the car have been shaped like aircraft engines and the general ambience is like that of a cockpit. Though there are color options available, the interiors are mostly in black.

When one speaks of the luxury features in a powerhorse like the Ferrari 599 GTO, they refer to its performance features. Of course, there are the safety measures like airbags, ergonomic seating, seat-belts and ABS braking. Parking sensors, electronic brake-force distribution, electronic stability-program and traction control are other luxury-cum-safety features.That apart, the driver has a complete choice of electronic control parameters via the elaborate racing manettino up front. The car features a virtual Race Engineer which is a system to monitor the performance status of the car and give immediate feedback to the driver.


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Built as an extreme performance automobile, the car embodies many principles used in F1 designing. The body has been gracefully and aerodynamically shaped. The front, sides and the underbody which is flat, have been honed to provide cooling airflows. The car appears to be sitting on its haunches, ready to spring into top speeds. The nose has been smoothed to reduce drag while the front spoiler which has a separate lower wing increases the down-force at the front.

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