Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
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Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Powerful, sleek, fiery, dynamic, sumptuously comfortable, agile, sophisticated are the words used by car lovers and owners to describe the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. The car was named after Sergio Scaglietti, the master coach builder. The 2007 version is still on demand even though sportier and more hi-tech models roll off the production lines which speaks for its popularity and performance. This 12 cylinder model is priced at $250,509 and has been specially designed for four passengers to sit comfortably and get in or out with ease. The luggage space has also been enlarged and holds a complimentary 5 piece Ferrari luggage set.


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The interior is absolutely stunning with soft, supple full grained leather available in different hues. The interior can be completely configured by the customer to suit his taste with an option of giving it a sporty and swanky look or a look of sophisticated elegance. The interiors are ergonomically designed to make it roomy and comfortable. The door opens wide for easy movement in and out of the car and a unique switch brings down the front seat, adjusts the head rest and tilts the steering wheel, which is incredibly smart. The Bose audio system has been developed exclusively for this car with 2DIN surround sound system with eight channels and an intelligent playback system that organizes and stores your preferred music in a 20 GB storage hard disc. This audio system can be voice activated from the steering wheel to play CD/DVD and MP3 files. A USB port in front can be used for transferring music. 10 GB of the hard disc is utilized for navigation maps and a sat-nav connected to the sound system. Apart from this, a parking monitor, Bluetooth connection, a trip and assistance information, telephone and radio can be relayed to the TFT display.


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This sleek sporty car has an exceedingly light aluminium chassis combined with high torsional rigidity engineered with the American company Alcoa. It also features a rear wheel drive and a front engine placed as far back as possible for a perfect distribution of weight. However, the most exclusive and innovative feature in the exterior is the electrochromic roof with an adjustable tint setting. The car offers a thrilling drive to the passengers giving them a feeling of driving in the open without sacrificing privacy. A four seater, two door attractive coupe, this Ferrari was styled and built by Sergio Scaglietti, called the 'maestro of aluminium'. The long snub nosed bonnet with a 'D' shaped grille holding the Ferrari insignia of the prancing horse and the signature scooped flanks hammers authentic style and sophistication.

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