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Ferrari F355

Ferrari F355

The Ferrari F355 came into being as a successor to the Ferrari 348 which was criticized as one of the worst Ferraris ever to have ever been produced by the Italian auto brand. Built between 1994 and 1999, the F355 was initially offered in a GTS variant that featured a removable targa top and as a Berlinetta that had a permanent hardtop. In 1995, the F355 got a full on convertible Spider variant as well. With a total of 11,273 total units manufactured, the F355 is one of the most common limited run Ferraris out there. Unlike the traditional Ferrari model naming traditions, the F355’s name doesn’t reveal the engine’s liter capacity and cylinders. Instead, the F355’s name reveals its engine’s liter capacity and the number of valves in each cylinder. The model was succeeded by the Ferrari 360 at the end of kits production run.


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Despite being a much better drive than the F348, the F355’s interior still left owners a little disillusioned. The leather trimming on the interior, including the trimming on the dashboard and seat bolsters, was prone to wear and warping in the hot climates and the rubber-finish material used in the central console was prone to peeling and shriveling. However, for added comfort, Ferrari offered carbon fiber seats with add-on carbon fiber trimming for the central console. Standard logos and decorations were also replaceable with optional spare wheel with jack, Challenge black mesh grille and front wings with Scuderia Ferrari shields.


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The Ferrari F355 was designed by Italian coach maker Pininfarina and the 2-seat coupe remains a modern classic relevant in contemporary times with its smooth flowing curves. With a semi-flying rear buttresses, the aluminum body lines of the F355 are reinforced by a tubular steel rear sub-frame. The steel monocoque comes fitted with anti-roll bars and helps keep the vehicle sturdy during high speed sprints. The F355 sits proudly on 18 inch alloys with 225/40ZR and 265/40 ZR Pirelli tires wrapped around them in the front and rear respectively.

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