Ferrari F40
Ferrari F40 | $ 400,000
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Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

Till date Ferrari has developed five street-legal mid-engine RWD super cars. F40 stands third in the timeline. It’s not just an answer to Porsche 959 or last stamp on immortality of Enzo Ferrari; it’s a complete Ferrari legacy. F40 was the fastest street-legal car of its time and only 1315 units were manufactured during 1987 to 1992. Its popularity, though, skyrocketed just after the death of Ferrari founder in August 1988.


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Ferrari F40 was a true racing car with street legal features. So, you cannot expect anything inside except most necessities. In modern sense, it had no elaborate dash. Interior had black felt insulation with floor and door panel made of carbon composite. To any racing aficionado, growl of V8 engine would sound like music. So, you get no place for music system. Air conditioning was there of course as standard feature and it was the only true comfort feature. For safety, F40 came with Kevlar bucket type seat and safety harness. Few early F40 had slide windows. However, later they were replaced with normal lift-up and down (manual) glass windows. Doors had no handle but a cable to release latches.


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As a successor to 288 Gran Tourismo Omologato (GTO), F40 had only few similarities. It looked more like an extension to 288 GTO Evoluzione, complete with Scuderia Ferrari emblem. Best part of the exterior design of F40 is it has handwork of Pininfarina all over it. Aerodynamic streamlined exterior made the car more stable even at its hellish acceleration.

F40 enjoyed a drag coefficient of 0.34. Most noteworthy facts about its low-drag design is smooth nose with enough air intake, recessed door, vented plexiglass cover for engine, NACA duct through the space frame, large rear wing and diffuser. NACA duct is based on an aeronautics technology, probably used for first time in any street car.

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