Ferrari F430 Spider F1 is now the most expensive item sold on eBay
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Ferrari F430 Spider F1 is now the most expensive item sold on eBay

Ferrari F430 Spider F1 is now the most expensive item sold on eBay

Ferrari F1 430 Spider sold on eBay

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Gone are Gastrointestinal the days when shopping was limited to just retail stores, and its varieties especially for items like cars. Now the scenario seems to have changed for the good, as such items are now getting sold over the web and even more surprising is the fact that it’s done through mobile devices like cell phones now! According to the latest data published by eBay, the most expensive item to be sold on shopping site was a Ferrari F430 Spider F, which went for £70,000 ($110,055).

The Ferrari F430 Spider is a convertible sports car introduced by the Italian carmaker in 2004, and was in production till 2009. The engine was a V8 4.3 Liter petrol version, which generated 483 HP of power at around 5200 RPM. The top speed of the car is around 320 km/ph, and it took barely 4 seconds to reach from 0-100 km/ph. Such a car is generally sold by physical presence but this time, due to changing trends, it was purchased through the internet on a mobile handset! According to data, eBay UK is known to sell an item every second, and the month of August this year, had 2 million items being sold through this channel. With consumers having instant access on-the-move, mobile shopping has come of age and as such retailers who don’t take steps to embrace it now risk being left behind. While it took years for internet shopping to become mainstream, we believe mobile commerce will do it in less than half the time. Indeed, if sales on our UK Generic Topamax site is anything to go by, we have never before seen such significant year over year growth – currently at triple digits. According to Angus McCarey, Director of retail,

“It’s not just the weekly shop that people are now buying regularly through their mobiles; consumers are demonstrating how comfortable they are in purchasing much more expensive items such as supercars and holiday homes.”

Also, there have been significant observations with reference to changing of consumer behavior. Though 1/5th of total Britons who bought items over the internet belonged to the age group of 26-30, a lot of people from the age group 50+ are now using mobile internet to make purchases such as these. Just a month before this current purchase, another high-end vehicle, the Bentley Continental GTC Auto was sold for £50,000 ($78,717) and keeping the trend alive was the 2010 Land Rover, Ferrari 360 Spider, Ferrari 355 F1 Giallo, Mercedes Benz, and the BMW X5 which were all used cars, sold through eBay.

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However, the previous occasion we saw such an instance of high-end car sale through eBay was the sale of 1964 Pontiac XP 833. With the change in consumer buying methods, virtually all sorts of items are treating cancer tumors going to now change hands this way.

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Via: eBay UK

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