Ferrari F430
Ferrari F430 | $ 180,000
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Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430

Ferraris have always held a magic that transcends their phenomenal performance. Their styling, exclusivity and sheer presence makes them a grand allure. Ferrari has been unmatched for long but in recent times have seen many competitors. Upping the ante, the Maranello car-maker has arrived with the F430 after effectively addressing the weaknesses and enhancing the strengths of the erstwhile Ferraris. Produced from 2004-2009, the F430 is still a much sought after sports car which sells for above $180,000. It is indeed a worthy successor for the Ferrari360.


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The interiors of the F430 are simply exotic and luxurious. The rich upholstery of the seats blends well with the super slick steering and gauges. The upholstery comes in black, red, grey, cream and a host of other customized colors. Ergonomically cushioned, each seat has ample leg room. Sitting inside, one gets the feeling of being nestled in a spaceship. The seats move along in three ways for the best sitting posture. The dashboard up front has all the controls centrally located.


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Redesigned from its predecessor, the 360, the body of the Ferrari F430 has been given a more curvaceous appearance and hence is more aerodynamic. It has an an aluminum spaceframe chassis which makes it a bit heavier than the 360. The tail lights have been borrowed from the Ferrari Enzo and the car's name has been etched on to the driver's side mirror themed like the Testarossa. Like the 1960s Ferrari racing models, the front bumper has large oval openings. The front seems to be one gentle slope from the roof to the bumper.

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