Ferrari Testarossa
Ferrari Testarossa | $ 220,000
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Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa

This mid-engine sports car was first manufactured by Ferrari in 1984 as a worthy successor to another wonderful car, Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer 512i. Though this was a high-price model which retailed at about $220,000, it was also the most common model with more than 10,000 Testarossas being produced and sold from 1984 to 1996. In Italian, the word 'Testarossa' means 'redhead' and the cars were all mostly bright red in color. It originally arrived as a two-door, fixed-roof coupe but was later modified and slightly re-engineered to be sold as 512 TR and F512 M from the years 1992 till 1996. The car was built as an international car - to be legally accepted in every country of the world.


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The interiors of the Testarossa are luxurious by standards which are two decades old now. The instrument panel behind the wheel has a large tachometer and speedometer with smaller gauges too. The steering wheel is covered in leather and the whole car has been carpeted in soft red. The left-hand drive vehicle's seats are comfortable and the gear rod is a traditional stick with the ball on top.

While examining the luxury features in this veteran car, we have to keep in mind that its production stopped nearly 2 decades ago. Despite that fact, the car has a nearly modern dash facia, a central console with good switchgear and a Momo steering wheel. The Schedoni luggage option is available to maximize the utilization of space within. Storage is easy with a deep cruciform boot located in the bonnet. Doors and roof have been constructed from sturdy galvanized steel and the body panels have been made from light yet strong aluminium. The Testarossa was definitely a supercar of its era.


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This 2-door berlinetta or 'little' saloon arrives with a long bonnet which actually serves as the hood. The sloping bonnet ends with the headlamps that are actually not present! Only the area is marked out and the lights have been placed at the front bumper. Its name has been derived from the red color of the cam covers over the engine. Prominently displayed on the sides of the car are stylish slits serving as air-intakes for the radiators which are mounted at the back of the car. The car, made from a mix of steel, plastic and aluminium, looks like a meditating speedster which can calmly and quietly zip to amazing speeds.

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