Fiat 500 Pepita – Italy’s small car gets the gold treatment

Andrea Divirgilio / February 11, 2008

fiat 500 pepita

Unarguably nobody can turn gold into a work of art better than Italian designers, always weaving their ideas up into innovative designs. And no exception this time around as well, for they have curved a small economy car into a luxurious vehicle. Italy’s Studio M has popped up with the modified Fiat version, the 500 Pepita, a small iconic car painted with the 24k gold coat. Featuring decorated dashboard wrapped with Australian mother, Swarovski crystals embedded gearshift, hand brake and pedals and cashmere floor mats, the Fiat 500 Pepita comes with gold painted alloy wheels as well. The car looks too hot and cute in comparison to its price tag at about 60,000 euros. If this is not enough to lineup the vehicle in a luxury list, you may choose between crocodile, snake, shark, skate or lizard lather to cover the seats and also use a variety of precious stones to embellish the interior. Check the image gallery after the jump.

via Eslux / Omniauto

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