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Filippetti Yacht’s Navetta 26 yacht is an eco-friendly chic vessel for the environment conscious

Andrea Divirgilio / March 21, 2013

Some buyers of luxury yachts concentrate solely on luxury, some on utility, but some are worried for the carbon footprint in the environment. For these eco-conscious well heeled customers, yachts with eco-friendly designs get made, with all amenities on board, such as those seen Aliz Eco-luxury yacht, Company 85 ECO yacht, and the Arcadia 85 from Edmiston & Company. Filippetti is now bringing another competitor in the similar genre with the Navetta 26, which was conceptualized on the eco-sustainability factor, by designer Pietro Mingarelli who works in this particular area mainly.

Fillipetti Navetta 26 yacht

The biggest challenge which the Navetta 26 stands up to is the ecologically sustainable design of the vessel, but keeping the tastes and personal comfort of the owner a prime factor in the designing. Features like smoke emissions not mixing with sea water, anti-fouling eco-friendly paintjob and refrigerant gases, advance system of waste management, control over fuel spillage make it attractive to prospective buyers who are looking to reduce the environmental footprint. The engine for that matter uses 20,500 litres of fuel for 3,150 mile range spread over a 10 day, making the vessel one of better machines to ride at sea. These factors were essential in getting this yacht the RINA (Italian Registry Authority) certification, meant for eco-friendly vessels.

Fillipetti Navetta 26 yacht

In terms of deck structure, the Navetta 26 is divided into an upper deck, lower deck, and 2 intermediate ones. The main lower deck has the owner and guest space divided amiably with 4 cabins, 3 of which have been fitted with king size beds. The master cabin has been fitted in such a way that its positions are reclining, but that itself gives the best panoramic view of the exterior. Besides this cabin is a private dining space, which has a 32-inch TV and a 42-fridge for storing food items. With the connecting salon a couple of stairs lower, one can find the bathing area, which gets its main light from the cabin above. From crew members to come in, there is a separate entrance, which has another dining area and a special food warmer, and also 2 cabins which can fit 3 to 4 adults.

Fillipetti Navetta 26 yacht master suite

From the exterior standpoint, the boat’s most prominent unit seems to be the electro-hydraulic command unit, which has been put up in a way, that the horizontal position gives rise to a private swimming and deck area for sunbathing. Fitted with a stainless steel stairwell, there is direct access to the cabin area, there is alos a garage area near at hand, which would be a space for jet ski and other water sports equipment. On the fly deck, one can enjoy all of nature’s open endowment with the sundeck connected to another dining area, Jacuzzi, and also a bar to sip along while enjoying the views. If the weather is not the most suitable and a bit more privacy could be done well with, there is an awning cover as well.

Fillipetti Navetta 26 yacht master suite

In terms of the engine, there are 2 machines fitted which generate 876HP of muscle power to take the whole vessel forward. Though the top speed has not been mentioned, but it should be just about perfect for enjoying a journey for 10 days, at a leisurely pace. The best parts of course remain the eco-footprint which has been minimized both for the external sea waters, as well as the occupants on board. In all, the Navetta 26 fits the bill for the being a perfect leisure/holiday luxury yacht for the eco-conscious super rich buyer.

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