Final Audio Design’s $8,000 stainless steel headphones for the superheroes

Andrea Divirgilio / March 5, 2012

Recently, when Lil Wayne was spotted wearing his $1 Million diamond-encrusted headphones, we thought we have seen it all the high-end audio world has to offer. Apparently that’s not all, a Japanese brand, Final Audio Design is all set to make a mark in the audio world of high-fidelity headphones with its Muramasa VIII. Stated as big, heavy and expensive, this is the first headphone audio cut out of stainless steel. Built to make leaps in the air with its exceptional steel structure and rock solid price tag of $8000, the Muramasa VIII falls no short than Dr. Dre’s exclusively blinged headphones.

Muramasa VIII

Though, the available details on Muramasa VIII are minimal, yet it has caught the eye of the media with its surprising sleek and bling design. The notable element to speak about this headphone is its weight of a total of 850 grams, more than double the standard headphones. Acknowledging the weight, the comfort aspect of this headband bare metal is a matter of wonder and concern.

Muramasa VIII stainless-steel headphones

Besides its mammonth size and weight, the pair of headphones is beyond imagination, with a curiously low impedance of only 16 ohms, considerably less than other noted and branded headphones, and a common output level of 112 dB, the product is build to deliver an exceptional musical experience. Speaking about the in-depth aspects of the headphone, it is based on a two-way configuration, with a main speaker and tweeter in the ratio of 40 mm by 8mm. In addition for a high frequency circuit, a 40mm driver unit was added to the network without the need of going through the tweeter, and all this is in clear coaxial configuration.

Muramasa VIII

Superheroes have to wait till April to enjoy a new musical experience from Muramasa VIII.

Via: FinalAudioDesign

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