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Fincantieri Serene megayacht is the 9th largest yacht in the world

Andrea Divirgilio / August 10, 2011

Serene Luxury Yacht

Italy’s largest shipbuilder Fincantieri has launched the Serene Luxury yacht, which will be the 9th largest in the world, and a first of a kind from the shipbuilder. With more than 440 ft in total length and close to 50,000 sq. ft of living space, this mega yacht will feature a submarine for emergency situations, and space for helicopter hangars amongst others aimed at cocooning its occupants in total luxury while at sea. It will be on offer for sale through Harrods, the super store chain that was acquired by the Qatari royal family from the Al-Fayeds’ who were its previous owners.

We had earlier talked about Eclipse yacht, owned by Roman Abramovich also known for its size as well as features. Giving stiff competition to it is this yacht, named Serene that has been incorporated with latest technologies and amenities to surround its owners in complete luxury. For those of you who like to take the aerial route between your yachts and coast areas, this yacht will be of considerable aide with its 2 helipads and 1 helicopter hanger, which might also be suitable for your elite guests. Apart from that, since most of the 50,000 sq.ft of space inside is glazed with amenities like the swimming pool capable of holding sea vessels, there are plenty of opportunities for water adventures and also relaxing if desired. If the yacht be in any danger, you always have the option of escaping with the help of the submarine located on the lowest of the yachts 7 decks which by itself can dive into depths of 100 meters.

Serene Luxury Yacht

Though much detail isn’t known about this luxury yacht, but the interiors have been the brainchild of Pascale Reymond who had every desire to match the exterior grandeur created by Espen Oeino. Such has been the success of this yacht that Oeino has been roped in to create another such yacht by the Italian shipbuilder. So, next time when you visit Harrods and have spare cash of $320 million, we would suggest you to take a look at the Serene super-yacht. Just might be well worth your shot.

Via: Charter World

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