Pod-shaped Nomad Yurt: Find a home in nature

Andrea Divirgilio / March 17, 2008

nomad yurt

It’s only a red carcass, made from fire, wood, water and sweat. The exterior comes from the shepherd’s bounty; wool felt and song. The yurt can be regarded as the center of life – a mobile hearth. This forms the center of a nomad’s creativity and passion. A yurt is a wonderful shedworking space and the Nomad Yurt from Ecoshack is especially apt for small sized back garden spaces. The Yurt has a modular base which makes portability a lot easier. There is even a central vent which is left open for sunlight and the cool, calm breeze to enter. Ecoshack’s sales pitch indeed is apt and it reads ‘Circular living = good living.’ More than the convenience and beauty it creates for the owner, one can truly appreciate the Nomad Yurt a lot more if they understand the amount of patience and time required for the crafting of one yurt.As much as the Nomad Yurt is a practical and functional home, the creation of the yurt is intricately intertwined with survival.

The yurt is an embodiment of a nomad’s utmost respect for the environment in which he lives in and all the elements that form the environment – wood, wool, reed, water, fire, natural dyes. The yurt looks simple but the spiritual generosity is worth admiring. The perfect blend of colors, symbols, forms, and patterns unveil the unspoiled spirit, soul and energies of the nomadic tribe. If you are looking for extra space and can afford the money, the yurt is indeed a good and worthwhile buy.

It only takes an hour or so to set up with a little practice and fits very nicely in the back of a small truck. You can take it anywhere you want, set it up and its good to be used. the Nomad Yurt is 12 feet wide and 7 feet tall, and sells for $8,000.

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