First retailable Corvette ZR1 rakes in $1M at Barrett Jackson

Andrea Divirgilio / January 21, 2008

2009 Corvette ZR1
Who cares what the price tag says at the annual Barrett-Jackson? It’s more about charity than ka ching. What else could explain the whopping moolah that the new Corvette ZR1 raked in? Maybe the fact that it was the first 2009 Corvette ZR1!
Duh! Dave Russlere bought the oldest available 1953 Corvette at BJ in 2006 and he was not letting this one go either. His bid of one million greenbacks for ZR1 was the same that he bid a couple of years back. Dave is a known Corvette collector (wicked hobby!) and is the owner Chevrolet dealers in Montana and North Dakota. He gets a Le Mans Blue version that no one else will lay hands on. The sticker read $99,000 on the supercar but who paid any heed to that. Dave gets everything spent above the sticker price as tax deduction since the proceeds go to charity i.e. The United Way. We are guessing that it’s not that bad a way to get rid of $1,000,000. Check out the image gallery after jump.

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