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Five Most Expensive Facial Treatments in the World

Alberto / July 1, 2013

A recent survey has discovered that many people are spending a lot of money and time at the spa with the aim of treating themselves to luxurious pampering sessions. The whopping pricey procedures promises to accomplish much more than the usual benefits of imparting a glowing complexion and relieving stress related problems of customers. A few luxurious spas offer unconventional beauty treatments to ensure a radiant looking younger skin. International celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie have endorsed a few high profile programs lately.


An unforgettable experience of luxurious and refreshing bath in 1000 liters of Evian natural spring water and hundreds of beautiful rose petals could cost an exorbitant $5,000. Reportedly tennis star Serena Williams was among the privileged few to experience the awesome relaxing bath. Apparently this luxurious bath is made available only to the selected special guests staying at the high end Hotel Victor in Miami. A bottle of champagne, an exotic dessert and a couple of spa treatments is also provided without any cost as a part of the deal to their guests.

HD Diamond and Ruby Peel:

The treatment made popular by stunning American actress Mila Kunis who reportedly got it done before her film premiere “Friends with Benefits”. Formulated by well-known aesthetician Scott- Vincent Borba, this expensive treatment costs a whopping $7,000. In this luxurious treatment the face is scrubbed with crushed diamonds and rubies and then gradually a lactic acid peel is applied to impart a glowing skin.


Since the last few years, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has been applying this secret facial to maintain her radiant young skin. In this treatment however the bee venom is diluted and used with just 1% of the entire bottle to ensure a painless procedure. The components of this exotic mask consist of lavender oil, Manuka honey and Shea butter. A bottle of this facial mask could cost over $ 55,200. A small 50 ml jar is also available for $ 112.


American reality queen Kim Kardashian has been criticized for apparently popularizing this bizarre facial treatment. Reportedly this unique treatment uses our own body’s platelet-rich plasma to enhance one’s beautiful looks. Priced at a whopping $ 1,500, a small quantity of blood is extracted from the arm area and is spun inside a centrifuge to separate the platelets. However the blood is again injected back to the face to ensure a glowing radiant complexion.


Style icon Victoria Beckham has been a loyal and the biggest fan of this authentic Japanese facial treatment. This beauty treatment is available in an upmarket New York City spa for an exorbitant $ 215. According to reports Mrs. Beckham applies the unique treatment twice a month which was originally practiced by the geishas. Apparently bird poop has magical special enzymes which take off the dead skin cells and give the skin a glowing polished look.

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