Floating Pleasure islands is the perfect vacation hot spot for the super rich

Andrea Divirgilio / January 10, 2011

Vacationing on an island is how the uber-rich spend their leisure time. Indulging in a relaxing resort-style experience will get even richer with the Floating Pleasure islands concept by Marina Housing, a company based in Espoo, Finland, which specializes in developing floating housing areas and other floating structures. The islands are anchored to the seabed with seaflex rubber cable anchors. The floating islands rise along with the water level, but do not interfere with the water currents owing to their heavy-duty eps-filled concrete platform, which makes the structure very stable. The islands are landscaped with artificial beaches, hills and growing soil for palms and growing other plants. All the islands have a mooring place for six tenders or small boats and islands B and C can even dock a 60-foot yacht for easy accessibility. The floating islands have the potential to become the hottest destination with the uber-rich if it’s actually developed in the future.

Via: MarinaHousing

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