Flying above Spite with the BA 100 Bradley Aerobat

Andrea Divirgilio / November 29, 2007

on ebay bradley ba 100 aerobat
Buying private planes is a delicacy of the Arabs, but what if you are not a rich oil merchant from the emirates yet you have the zest to fly a personal birdie! We have monoplanes for that feel, don’t we and that’s why we should hail Bradley for the Chicago based ‘bird’ maker gives us a miniscule boondoggle feel so that we don’t envy the Sheikhs’.

That feel comes at a low catch especially when they sell it through our beloved eBay and before it becomes a sugging act, the latest bird placed on the bid by Bradley is a 2007 version of the all metal BA 100 Bradley aerobat aircraft.

When they mention all metal, they mean all metal, thus there ain’t any fibreglass, no wood, nails and glue. Mind you, it’s not just to overwhelm the complexities form the west, this one is aerobatic to the fullest, from +9g to the negative.

Available as a ready to fly or a kit, the BA 100 emulates the famous ‘Teenie Two’. The thought of spending $8,999 for something that’s in tits and pieces would send a chill down your spine but take my word on that, the company is reputed enough and thus, assures a build time of 200 hours.

The chill could be recuperated even for the fact that a completed aircraft holds a worth of $31,000 and without the engine the Kit retails for $11,700, so even if you pick on the latter one you end up saving a couple of grands.

[Thanks: eBay]

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