Flying on Waters with the Inflatable Boat

Andrea Divirgilio / April 25, 2008

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Inflatable Boats were a toy thing until someone as capable as the Italian Ocean racer and pilot Doi Malingri chose to differ. His thought wasn’t as restricted as ours and thus he succeeded in giving the inflatable boats a chance never thought off. Imagine Inflatable boats which can fly on water at speeds as commendable as 80 kilometres an hour. Yes you guessed it right, Doi thought of giving some real wings to these otherwise paltry boats by adding an engine and other count worthy affixations. Today his Idea sells over the world for $32,300 a piece which isn’t hefty considering the amount of waters/skies you can explore on those Dinghies (primitive name). Now dubbed as the FIB which unwinds as Flying Inflatable Boats, these are used by Yacht Owners and even the Navy.

That well deserved praise is all because of its accountability as it manages in keeping the Pilot, passenger and the engine totally dry at all times. The FIBs are available in two variants with the first one being the FIB 582 and the second one being the FIB 503. Both these models come with a two-stroke engine with the former one being heavier by 18kgs at 216kg.

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