FlyNano single-seat aircraft doesn’t need you to have a flying license

Andrea Divirgilio / April 15, 2011


At the Aero Friedrichshafen, Germany (April 13-16), aviation consultant, flight designer and enthusiastic pilot Aki Suokas unveiled a radical new single-seat aircraft dubbed the FlyNano. The best thing about the FlyNano single-seat fun flyer is that you don’t even need to have a license to fly it. The FlyNano is made entirely of carbon fiber, weighs in at a mere 70kg and takes off and lands on water. Since the FlyNano falls under the weight of what is considered to be a plane, you don’t have to worry of applying for a flying license in most parts of the world.

FlyNano comes in three basic variants – the electrically powered series E 200, a petrol-powered Series G 240 and the uprated racing model Series R 260/300. The innovative aircraft has a wingspan of nearly 5 meters, and the maximum takeoff weight is 200kg. The speed range is 70-140 km/h with a service ceiling of 3 km.

The most expensive FlyNano version costs a cool €27,000 ($39,000), with an optional purpose-built trailer and storage box that sells for €5,300 ($7,700). Deliveries for the FlyNano start three months from now.

Via: UberGizmo/Gizmag

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