Fontana Forni ovens are ideal for outdoor summer parties at home

Andrea Divirgilio / March 30, 2013

Though most of the cooks would like to follow the traditional methods of cooking, their demand for modern looking equipment has certainly pushed various kitchen equipment makers, to try out their best innovations over the years. We have seen that the traditional grille has taken a modern turn, like the Caple Sense C1500 oven, Kalamazoo Artisan fire pizza oven, and the handcrafted terra cota oven, which was a portable take of the traditional earthen oven. Now Fontana Forni USA has bought in the Forno Toscano oven and grille as a part of the Spring 2013 collection. Built of high grade stainless steel, these ovens are meant to retain the originality of the oven cooked dishes, but provide advantages high cooking temperatures within a short period of time, and easy maintenance in the long run.

Fontana Forni USA Forno Toscano oven

When it comes to cooking that traditional Italian recipes for the perfect bread or the soft pizza, one needs the natural ingredients for cooking, including the particular wood or type of coal. Fontana Forni allows for use of these materials, along with the advantage of building up temperature within a quick span of time. Roasting or baking, the outdoor cooking as a personal get-together or as a service provider, is fairly easy on the Forno Toscano series. Without occupying much space, all the intended cooking is well within reach, and later easy to maintain. This time around, they have managed to bring in 2 different styles of ovens, the first being the slant top design pictured above. The heating chamber is below the cooking space, which allows for the accumulation of heat as per requirements. The biggest advantage is the adjustment of heat levels and cooking temperatures, and also a cleaner cooking space. Smoke and ash arent allowed into the cooking chamber with this one.

Fontana Forni USA Forno Toscano oven

The other oven, with a round top design, is actually a simpler model whereby the heat accumulates quicker within the cooking chamber, allowing fast to prepare direct heat made dishes within shorter spans of time. So much so, a fully cooked pizza may not need more than a few minutes to done to perfection. Unlike the earlier model, one may not find add-ons like the lighting and fan within, inoxroof and side panels, but the thermometer and mini-chimney on the top remains a constant feature, apart from the portable trolley allowing one to set it as and when the need arises.

Via: Fontana Forni

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